This is Your Brain on Little Sleep

Miss C had her first soccer game of the season Saturday bright and early at 8 a.m. (We won…yea!)

The hubby was very sick Friday night and so was Miss A. The hubby dealt with the weekend butt kicking crud by taking some nighttime cold medicine and passing out. Miss A dealt with illness by waking me up and demanding to watch back-to-back episodes of Diego at 3 a.m.

Thank God for Tivo!

I couldn’t really go back to sleep after her marathon Diego session (perhaps she is cramming for some unbeknownst to me Spanish final at daycare?) although Miss A finally agreed to be carted to back to bed about 5:30 a.m.

Miss C and I headed for the soccer field at 7:45. Yawn.

Thank God for undereye concealer!

I sat down on my fold out chair on the sidelines and thought to myself that what I really needed was a caffeine patch Starbucks fairy to magically appear by my side and a chair with a heated seat, seeing as the chilled Gatorade I’d packed suddenly seemed very unappealing in the 59 degree weather.

Perhaps what I needed was a combo caffeine patch/heated seat sidelines chair! Now that would be a nifty soccer mom invention. But then that would mean I would somehow have to absorb the caffeine through my bottom while sitting in the chair. Obviously that wouldn’t work.

Thank God for coffee!

Besides 99 percent of the satisfaction of attaining a caffeine buzz via coffee is the taste, the warmth, and the aroma. And you just can’t get that through a caffeine butt patch.

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