It Will Be Just Like a Spa Retreat, With More Drugs and Drool

I’ve been putting off having my top wisdom teeth extracted for years. I’ve either been pregnant or nursing a baby off and on for the past six years so whenever my dentist would look over my charts with concern and begin the wisdom teeth extraction sales pitch, I’d adamantly resist being zonked out on pain pills for any amount of time.

The time has come. I’ve run out of excuses. Today is the day of the molar…the third molar, that is.

My top right wisdom tooth has come through my gums at a wonky angle and since I don’t want to be toothless by 50, it needs to come out. While they’re in there chiseling and pulling away they’re going to remove the top left wisdom tooth. My bottom wisdom teeth are apparently very cozy down in my gums and are also close to the neighboring nerves, so my oral surgeon said they need to stay put. And I’m definitely not going to argue with him.

My sister-in-law put my mind at ease when she told me that after having all four of her wisdom teeth extracted two years ago that she felt like going to WalMart late that same day. In fact, it occurred to me that being on pain medication might actually make a trip to WalHell more tolerable, although I’m planning on sleeping my anesthesia off all afternoon and night. Miss A is spending the night with my mom tonight as she’s at that age where mama, or pretty much any living, breathing thing lying down is an invitation to practice her awesome trampoline skills!

Like most things in life, I have to look at the humorous side and I know I lucked up because my oral surgeon is afraid of the dentist. That’s right. I have been referred to quite possibly the only oral surgeon in the nation who wholeheartedly admits to being terrified of going to the dentist. When he was 5 he had a bad dental experience, and ever since then he has to be sedated to endure even a routine cleaning. He recommended that I get knocked out via IV for my procedure so I’ll wake up sore and drooling, but I won’t remember a thing

I’m kind of looking forward to having an excuse to sleep all day and slurp all the frozen yogurt and jello and pudding I can handle over the next 48 hours. I just need to look at this as a spa treatment, with pain meds.


  1. Kris says:

    Oh, man. Good luck! I was knocked out to have my wisdom teeth taken out too. They had great meds to keep the swelling down, so you might want to ask for those. I didn’t swell much at all, and I went to my friends house that night. Of course, I drank a beer and almost fainted, but I was a stupid teenager, which you are not. 🙂

    That is TOO FUNNY, an oral surgeon who’s afraid of the dentist!!! On a side note, my seven year old is so afraid of the dentist that he has a cavity we can’t fill. Our insurance won’t cover putting him out for the procedure.

  2. nap warden says:

    Yes, get knocked out! I made the mistake of having all four pulled and saving money by not getting knocked out…BIG MISTAKE! Good luck, have a milkshake on me!!!

  3. Renee says:

    Oh, I so much hate any kind of dental work. That’s not helping, is it? But I’m sure it will be okay, and the you’ll have your ‘spa’ day and you’ll be so glad it’s all over.

  4. Lisa says:

    Good luck to you! Another lady who has a blog I check out regularly just had hers removed last Friday….which reminded me of my lovely wisdom tooth experience! I wrote about it in my blog if you’d like to read about it while taking pain pills and eating ice cream!!!

  5. Mrs. Schmitty says:

    You’ll be okay. I had all four removed at once about 10 years ago. I was fine by that night, but do yourself a favor, make sure to follow the oral surgeons instructions for aftercare. I was an idiot and didn’t. I wound up with dry socket…now THAT was bad! But it was my own fault. Mr. Schmitty just had his out and did great, well, because he actually followed directions!

  6. Blonde Mom says:

    Thanks for all the comments, ya’ll.

    I feel pretty darn good today, knock on wood, but I’m thankful the girls are at school/daycare so I can rest a little. But the whole ordeal went off without a hitch. I have a few funny things to share (but of course.)

    One, they were playing some sort of Classic Rock CD mix groove music and the last song I heard before I went out (and I do mean OUT like a light) was Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.

    Two, when the nurse came out to tell the hubby they were waking me up and getting me ready to go home, she said, “Jamie likes to be in control, doesn’t she?” Apparently they had to give me an extra shot of “happy juice.”

    So even in the throes of oral surgery I am a control freak. Awesome!

  7. Erin says:

    Oh the memories i have of getting this done. I got one pulled in Chile, and the doctor a)didn’t knock me out with drugs and b)wouldn’t give me any narcotics only ibuprofen. It’s much easier in the states. (Yay! Vicodin!!) It takes about a week but you get to drink milkshakes!

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