Channeling Her Inner Valley Girl

Miss C has a new phrase she blurts out when she’s flustered:

“Oh my God!”

We immediately correct her and tell her she can say “Oh my gosh” or “Oh my goodness.” This way she sounds more like a Southern genteel little lady, than a bubble headed Valley Girl.

My inner bubble headed Valley Girl comes out sometimes. This is an awesome quality in a 38-year-old woman. (Like, totally! Fer sure!)

I was stuck in traffic and like I was late for work again.

This diaper is like totally grody dude!

Like, gag me with a sippy cup!

OK, you get the picture.

I was in 8th grade when Valley Girl hit movie theatres and about as far removed from the California Valley Girl scene as possible. In high school I was just another big haired, small town Tennessee teenage girl mired deep in the land of monster trucks and Hank Williams Jr. and chewing tobacco and sneaking coolers to field parties and cruising McDonald’s. But alone in my room I’d plop down on my bedroom floor to watch Duran Duran on Friday Night Videos on my 13-inch color TV with the rabbit ear antennae (I had a huge crush on Simon Le Bon) and I’d listen to my brother’s U2 albums or crank my Blondie cassette tape and sing Rapture over and over. At college parties I’d be introduced to the moody magnificence of Depeche Mode (dubbed Depressed Commode by the hubby) and the Cure and Modern English.

I have to admit I heart the whole pop culture scene of the 80s: John Hughes films, big hair, leggings, spritz.

It was totally awesome, dude.

You just won’t catch me wearing leggings or skinny jeans today, but I did let my niece, who is a sophomore at Vanderbilt, borrow a pair of black leggings last year for an 80s theme frat party. I knew they would come back in style some day!



  1. Amy says:

    I was SO in love with John Taylor. I still have a picture in my scrapbook I bought at the mall. And I only recently have been able to let go of my “big” hair and it is still not small. And my family knows when anything John Hughes is on, I’m there.
    I am from small town Utah and my family in Florida always told me I sounded like a “valley girl”. Ah, the good old days.

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