Come On Down!

The hubby and I firmly believe in educational TV for the girls.

For example, a little dose of Sponge Bob at night allows he and I to have some much coveted peace at the dinner table and exposes the girls to the wonders of ocean life and the importance of holding down a respectable job in the restaurant industry, not to mention the joy of cooking. That Sponge Bob whips up a mean krabby patty!

The hubby and the girls have a new post-dinner tradition of watching Tivo’d Price is Right reruns. During the opening “Come On Down!” segment, the girls jump up and down on the couch with more exuberance than I could possibly muster over the course of an entire week (unless, of course, I find a great pair of shoes on clearance at TJ Maxx or Target.) Miss C can actually recite, almost verbatim, the intro script. See, who says TV isn’t educational?

Their favorite part is the showcase, but it’s long-time host Bob Barker who has wooed the girls with his silver hair and good looks, especially Miss C.

Miss C walked up to me the other morning, sleepy and bleary eyed and said, quite seriously, “Mommy, I need to tell you a secret.”

I braced myself, thinking she wanted to confide in me some important revelation about kindergarten.

She leaned in to whisper in my ear.

“Last night I had a dream about Bob Barker.”

Yes, it’s true. She dreamed that she met Bob Barker and he gave her a big hug.

We’re already trying to track down an autographed picture of him for Miss C.



  1. Bluegrass Mama says:

    The son of an acquaintance was a huge fan of the show, and was actually a contestant several years ago as soon as he was old enough. Sadly, he never won a bid, so didn’t make it onto the stage. I wonder if he at least got an autographed picture of Bob.

  2. Renee says:

    Okay, I’m a huge ‘Price Is Right’ fan. I can remember watching that show when I was her age. But, I sure hope I don’t start seeing Bob Barker in my dreams. Yikes!

  3. nap warden says:

    I love The Price is Right! Bummed that Drew Carey is the new host….No one can take the place of Bob Barker. Cute story, good luck with the pic.

  4. Holly Schwendiman says:

    That’s awesome. When we were first married and I was waiting for my cosmetology license in a new state and dh was waiting for school to resume we spent lazy mornings which included watching the show. Who doesn’t know “Come on Down!”? LOL


  5. Anne says:

    An old friend of mine, now an acquaintance (it happens), has a new baby and she is such a FREAK that she will not take her baby over to her family’s home unless they promise to keep the tv off. This is the same girl who ‘doesn’t eat fast food’.

    hm. Maybe these things alone explain our non-friendship.

    Spongebob and chicken nuggets with hot salty fries is about as close to nirvana as my girls have come.

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