Potty Peer Pressure

When someone from Huggies asked if I would like to review their new Cool Alert Pull Ups it took me about .2 seconds to say, “Bring ’em on!”

Unfortunately Miss A loves to wear the spiffy Disney Princess Cool Alert Pull Ups so much that she doesn’t ever want to take them off, which entirely defeats the purpose of training pants. I actually had to hide them since her addiction was bordering on that of the strawberry milk fiasco. And who can blame Miss A for wanting to wear them as they are much more stylish than the generic training pants I buy. She is, after all, a fashionista in training.

Miss A moved to a new room at daycare three weeks ago and her new teacher is gung ho on the potty training, God Bless Her Soul. She’s so diligent about it that I’m feeling a little guilty for slacking at home. Cough. Any way, there’s nothing like a little potty peer pressure. I also bought a new Dora potty seat and Dora underwear to further sweeten the pot, so to speak.

Yesterday Miss A stayed dry all day at daycare (!) and she also told me she had to go potty when we were out last night. We’re making progress at home, but I’ve learned that while you can lead a toddler to the potty, you can’t necessarily make them use it every time, even with the enticement of big girl panties. Cheap stickers and suckers, however, work well as positive reinforcement.

So I’m going to give a neutral review of the Cool Alert Pull Ups. Miss A is making a lot of progress on the potty training front, but it doesn’t seem to matter what type of training pants she’s wearing.

At least she’s not taken to wearing them on her head, like Miss C did when she was 2.



  1. Blonde Mom says:


    It’s one of my favorite pictures of Miss C. 🙂


    Definitely part of the slowness at home is I’m just not as serious about potty training this time. Last time I was pregnant and desperate to get Miss C trained by the time Miss A arrived! So I hear ya…

  2. Richie says:

    Uggg…I’m dreading potty training and it’s sneaking up on me. I have no idea on how to even start.

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