Let Me Tell You How Organized and Prepared I Am

Yesterday was Miss A’s followup appointment for her walking pneumonia and coughing over the weekend. Her doctor said she sounded great, but he does, unfortunately, think she has asthma. We are equipped with nebulizer duck, though, and since we’ve grown accustomed to the warning signs that she’s headed for a wheezing episode I am not freaking out about any of this…yet.

Any way Miss A went back to daycare yesterday morning and I headed to work while my mother-in-law watched Miss C. I am usually late for the girls’ doctors appointments but so far this week I’ve actually been early or on time for things and I didn’t want to ruin my track record. Instead of taking the time to pack our “busy bag” that I fill with toys and books and snacks for appointments or restaurant trips, I left it at home and figured that the girls would be able to entertain themselves, which is actually pretty stupid now that I think about it considering we were at the doctor’s for nearly two hours on Sunday morning.

Miss A’s appointment was at 2:20 so when I picked her up at daycare she was still napping. In my dogged determination to make it to the doctor’s on time it never occurred to me that her Pull Up needed changing and that she might need to take a long post-nap pee. She was drowsy and a bit confused since I picked her up at naptime, but by the time we got to the doctor’s office she had decided it was OK to pee a gallon and her Pull Up was dragging. And there we sat and waited with no fresh Pull Up and no busy bag of fun distractions.

When we arrived the girls started playing in the waiting area where there is a musical table, a preschool kitchen, and a fun mini play set with a small slide. But then they both started coughing, in unison and then back and forth, and I could sense dirty looks were on the horizon, so I instructed them come to the “sick” waiting area, which is devoid of toys but presents you with a box of tissue, some parenting magazines, and an assortment of maimed lift the flap books, where every flap has been ripped off the pages, to entertain your children. Of course, usually when kids are sick they just sit lethargically in your lap, so it’s no problem, but the girls were just hacking and coughing, not wanting to sit still.

For about 45 minutes I attempted to entice the girls, mainly Miss A, that the “sick” waiting area was the happening place to be! Never mind those toys out in the regular waiting area, we can play Patty Cake! Mama will sing (and mama doesn’t sing in public) If You’re Happy and You Know It! We survived and our name was called and then I looked down and realized I had on two completely different black flat sandals. And then they put Miss A on the scales and she weighed a half pound more than she did on Sunday and I know it was her pee saturated Pull Up.


  1. RB says:

    Bless your heart! I have totally been there and done that. I do hate that she has asthma. My little bro had it as a child and grew out of it relatively quickly. Hopefully, you will have the same situation!

  2. Pattie says:

    Jamie, I gotta tell you I was laughing throughout this post (Sorry)
    Especially, when I got to the part about the maimed flap books! They must have those in every doctor’s office *LOL* And the two different sandals??!! Heheheh….sounds like a tough few hours for you all.
    As a side note, I hope the kiddos are feeling better.

  3. Holly Schwendiman says:

    I’m busting up over the different colored sandals…that’s too funny. I’d sure like to know how so many needed minutes seem to vanish when you’re trying to get somewhere, yet when you’re waiting for something they seem to come to a complete stop!!


  4. Anne says:

    damnit. last night the babysitter left Emz in her pullup and this morning it had saturated not just her pjs but the blanket, the pillow, and my pant leg. thank you and thank you again.

    about the drs office. eff the people who glared at your coughing girls. it is riduculous to assume sick kids will be happy playing with the crap. or any kid, healthy or not, for that matter!

    all three of my girls have a ratchety summer cough. sigh. if it’s not one thing it is another.

  5. The Parents Zone says:

    How is your girls doing now? Two different sandals?? LOL it happens sometimes when try to get organize… 🙂

    Oh yeah here a blog on allergy ashthma hope it will help you.

    P.S. Well I got some error message, when tried to comment so I am trying again…

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