Keep on Rockin’ in the Blog World

My blog buddy Liza all the way in beautiful Maui has declared me a Rockin’ Girl Blogger. Hey, my blog tagline ain’t “Rockin’ the tankini” for nothin’.


I still do the red light white girl jam in my SUV and just yesterday the girls and I had an impromptu dance off in the den to Ricky Martin. This God forsaken heat wave we’re experiencing is making me muy loco and I could only handle so many rounds of Old McDonald before rummaging through my CD collection for some cheesie dance party tunes. (Kidz Bop eat your heart out!) So far the girls aren’t completely embarrased by my So You Think You Can Dance moves.

I think anyone who takes the time to read this blog is rockin’ and I appreciate all my blog buddies, but my mission is to name five Rockin’ Girl Bloggers:

Patti, who just saw Def Leppard in concert…how can anyone forget such timeless lyrics as “Love is like a bomb, baby, cmon get it on?”

Nicole, my margarita buddy who is barefoot, pregnant, and boogie boarding in South Carolina.

Mama Tulip, Canadian mama and talented writer.

Nap Warden…check out her hilarious solution to camoflauging the muffin top while salvaging her cool pre-mom jeans.

Friglet, who has passed her rockin’ girl genes down to her garage band founding daughter (who is all of 9, I must add).

And I’m going to cheat and add my friend Dawn at The Mommy Post who is new to this blogging thing.

Rock on sistahs! Maybe we should start a band?


  1. Holly Schwendiman says:

    Congrats on the award. A rock band of blogg’n mammas sounds good to me. I’m right there with you on cheesy old songs and dancing…although I’m afraid I do embarrass my kids!! LOL


  2. Filtering Life says:

    As a fellow “Rockin Blogger” welcome to the club. Your bomber jacked will be sent shortly.

  3. Liza's Eyeview says:

    Rock on girl! I didn’t think about that “Rockin’ The Tankini” tag line when I said you’re Rockin’ – but you definitely is on top of the list! Love you blog!

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