No Fear

I remember the first time Miss A went under the water last summer at the kiddie pool. I yanked her out of the water, fully expecting her to burst into tears and cling to me. Au contraire! She laughed and let go of my hand, as if to say, “Don’t cramp my style mama. This is the life!”

Taking the girls swimming is anything but relaxing and having a 28-month-old who has no fear of the water takes it to a whole ‘notha level. There is the hunting and gathering of clean beach towels, the slathering of little cheeks and noses with sunscreen, and the realization that going to the pool with nothing but a Glamour magazine, a boom box, a pair of Ray Bans, and a bottle of deliciously fragrant Hawaiian Tropic suntain oil is so 1987. My biggest concern back then was what color to paint my toenails and making sure I gave equal layout time to both my front and back.

Yesterday we headed to a friend’s neighborhood pool. Both girls tested out their floaties. Miss A was a bit hesitant at first and warmed up by kicking my untoned belly repeatedly while I held her in the water. Who needs water aerobics when you can play with a 28-pound toddler in the water for three hours and she uses you as her own personal punching bag?

Being the uber protective parents of the year, the hubby and I, of course, never failed to keep our eagle parenting eyes focused on both girls the entire time. However, at some point the hubby and I were engrossed in a serious game of keep away with Miss C in the “deep” 5 foot end of the pool and we glance over as Miss A is climbing in to join us without hesitation. Being the independent type, she doesn’t come near us, but instead takes off dog paddling with the aid of her floaties. She swam without falter to the side ladder, climbed out, and proceeded to do this about a dozen times in a row.

I think the girl is ready for swimming lessons.


  1. Richie Ann says:

    I see it’s not just a new mommy thing…I’m totally paranoid of two things when it comes to my son…water and choking. I guess at some point you have to relax a little but I feel for you.

  2. Holly Schwendiman says:

    This is just how my Cidderbug began. I’ve been most fortunate to have my own pool now and both my kids are fish – self taught and love the water. Wish I were as gifted!


  3. Colleen says:

    I find taking my daughter to the pool to be equally exhausting. But, boy, does she love it. So, we just started mommy and me swim “exploration” classes last week. She’s loving it and after two classes is blowing bubbles, kicking and almost going all the way under. It’s fun but that half hour kicks my pregnant butt every time!

  4. Blonde Mom says:

    I think swim lessons are definitely on for this fall. Miss C is more cautious. I think Miss A is going to be our Harley ridin’ girl. 😉

    Oh and I’ll admit I was being a tad sarcastic (who me?) about the uber protective part. It was more like we were distracted, looked over and were like “OH SH*T she’s swimming!”

  5. Anne says:

    water and kids. how can one not worry? I wish I could get my two in the same swimming class. and now.

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