Is There a Rehab for Toddlers?

Miss A loves milk–good ole pure unleaded, whole milk, straight up, with nothing added. She usually has a night cap of milk in a sippy cup and considering we’re having some serious power struggles at bedtime, frankly if she wanted to curl up in bed with a whole gallon jug of milk I really wouldn’t care, provided it would entice her to stay put in bed and not come up with 9 million reasons to get up once I tuck her in.

Enter the devil, otherwise known as strawberry flavored milk.

I bought a bottle of strawberry flavored syrup as a treat for big sister Miss C after her recent dental appointment. She wanted chocolate milk and since she’d been such a great sport at the dentist I told her we’d get some chocolate syrup while at Target. She spotted the pink syrup bottle, however, from a mile away and exclaimed, “Oh mommy I never had pink milk before!” So in a fit of consumer impulse buying, I tossed the bottle into our little red Tarjay cart, not realizing that I would soon be dealing with the Lindsay Lohan of the toddler set once Miss A tasted strawberry milk for the first time and could not get enough of its sugary goodness.

I tried to hide the pink syrup toddler crack from Miss A but it was only a matter of time that she picked up on the fact that big sister was drinking pink milk. I let her try some and then there was no turning back. I was actually praying for the stupid bottle to be empty and considered pouring it down the sink because it’s all Miss A wanted to drink for two weeks. And then it was gone and I had to break the news to her Sunday night as we were settling down to read Goodnight Moon.

“Want strawberry milk mama!”

“It’s all gone!” I told her, secretly thankful that we could forget about it and move on with our lives.



I carried her to the kitchen to fix a plain cup of white milk and show her that, alas, the pink syrup was gone. She pushed me away, tearful and nearly in hysterics and tried to scale the inside of the refrigerator door to retrieve the ketchup bottle, hopeful that it was strawberry syrup.

I’ve created an addict. She’s asked for strawberry milk every night this week.

Learn from my mistake and don’t mess with nature.

Milk should not be pink.


  1. Nicole says:

    A mom I knew a LONG time ago also had an addict to the pink milk, so much that it seemed that it only mattered that it was PINK, not that it was actually strawberry flavored. You might test out the little addict: put a drop of red food coloring in her milk (out of sight, of course!) and see if she cares. 😉

  2. Mrs.M says:

    Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT! pour that strawberry syrup down the sink. Instead, FedEx it right on over and I’ll do what I have to do with it. Really, let me take it off of your hands.

  3. Jennifer says:


    The ONLY way I can get the eldest to drink milk is to make it brown or pink. Her dad won’t drink it either. All milk tastes sour to him. He can actually DRINK sour milk and he dosen’t notice it because it all tastes sour. He knows he has to drink it though. LOL! So, it looks like the eldest is the same. She dosen’t like the taste of white milk.

  4. nap warden says:

    We have just made the mistake of entering into the forbidden territory of chocolate milk…Big mistake from me….I think I might try the food coloring, good idea!

  5. Blonde Mom says:

    The funny thing is big sister Miss C is just fine with the syrup being gone so I wonder how much of this has to do with being a very feisty and fickle 2-year-old? 😉

    Love the food coloring idea, though…I would have NEVER thought of that one!

  6. Anne says:

    the charlie and lola cartoon brought pink milk into our house. thankfully, my kids are way more addicted to the sugar rush of candy. pink milk is a mere diversion for us.

  7. Jen says:

    I, too, have a pink milk addict at my house. And I found recently, the motherlode of goodness — at least in my current opinion: 25% less sugar pink milk powder — the “real” kind — Quik. And my mom has some chocolate milk syrup (Hershey’s) that’s either 20 or 25% less sugar, too. But I haven’t found it locally. And I’m going to harp on the dental issue — same goes for kids as babies — milk to bed = cavities. Try a milk snack first, then at least a water rinse and a water sippy cup with them to bed. Man, I used WAY too many dashes. Sorry.

  8. Amy says:

    Brian introduced the “choc” to Cameron. Lowfat! He kind find the chocolate syrup in 2 seconds flat. I myself don’t like the white milk, I prefer a lovely rich extra chocolaty glass myself. They boys will all drink white milk and get “choc” as it is called around here, as a treat.

  9. Richie Ann says:

    I don’t buy juice boxes for that exact same reason! Once they start they just can’t stop.

  10. Blonde Mom says:

    Richie Ann:

    I rarely buy juice boxes but I do buy them occasionally once soccer starts, although Miss C loves those powder packets you add to bottled water. They don’t seem as sugary. I also am notorious for watering down juice around here! 😉

  11. Erin says:

    wow. first strawberry milk, then piercings….
    (I loved chocolate but never got into strawberry…) I babysit a little boy so obsessed with ranch dressing that he pours it directly into his mouth like you would pour whipped cream or chocolate sauce…. could be worse.

  12. Mof2 says:

    Pumpkin is that way with chocolate milk. She refuses anything but the brown milk. I swear we should buy stock in Hershey’s syrup!

  13. Bluegrass Mama says:

    When I was a kid growing up in upstate New York, we spent all year looking forward the strawberry milk at the Dairy Bar at the State Fair. I think it was a nickel a glass, and those were well-spent nickels! We don’t keep it in the house, but there’s way too much chocolate milk going down around here.

  14. Dawn K says:

    Hilarious. You make me laugh out LOUD! We are just entering the milk and sippy cup wonderland. Wish me luck.

  15. Oma Flinger says:

    Mrs. Flinger was raised on that too but it came in a container that had a bunny on it and was powered so we called it “bunny juice.” Nothing wrong with strong bones.

  16. Mrs. Flinger says:

    We’ve totally caved and been giving LB the chocolate milk in the COW container. EGADS. The woman goes BESERK for the stuff. (But it does bribe well, perhaps try that? HRM?)

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