There’s a Reason I’m Not in Sales

I’ve been clearing out the baby equipment since the first of the year as we’ve officially hung up the “No Storks Allowed On Property” shingle. Our next baby will be a new car for me in the next few years or maybe a new gas cooktop for the hubby.

I’ve donated several bags of stuff to Goodwill but I decided to sell a few larger items. Craigslist has a good reputation among my friends and it seemed to be a lot easier than eBay, not to mention free, so I listed a few things and sold our crib and changing table with relative ease. I had a few smaller items for sale, but didn’t have any takers and promptly forgot about the ad.

Then last week someone e-mailed me about our Fisher Price Incrediblock.

I got rid of the sticky cereal bar residue with some Clorox wipes, loaded it in my SUV, and met the woman in the parking lot at my office yesterday morning.

Clearly this was a very important deal going down in the back of my Pathfinder.

It was obvious, though, within about ten seconds that she would go home empty handed.

First of all when I got out to the car I realized that one of the blocks was still at home on the floor where Miss A had flung it. She has barely played with the toy since the first of the year, but of course since I had moved it to another room she suddenly rediscovered it and it had newfound appeal.

Second, the freaking thing would not work properly.

I put the “dog” block on top and it said “CAR!” The top whirled around and cheerful carnival type music played.

“Well, that’s odd!” I said, trying to keep my cool.

I put the “car” block on top and it said “BOAT!” More whirling and more cheerful music.


No the toy doesn’t say that. That’s what I was thinking.

I explained to the woman that the toy was still operating on the original batteries and I had noticed it was occasionally acting up. No big deal, especially if you don’t care if your child learns the difference between a mammal and a vehicle.

Never fear, because prepared potential buyer mother had brought brand new batteries to test out the toy as well as her own screwdriver.

Obviously she was much more on the ball than me–a mother who can’t even test a toy properly before hauling it to work and trying to sell it from the back of her car in a parking lot like a shady used toy dealer.

She installed the new batteries.

The toy still did not work.

Any way, it’s back in the den and so far it doesn’t appear to have impaired Miss A’s ability to know the difference between a boat and a cat.


  1. mamatulip says:

    That’s Murphy’s Law for you — you try to sell something and OF COURSE it craps out on you.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Oh man, embarrassing.

    Are you dealing well with getting rid of all that stuff? I’m not. Right now I’m stashing it away. I’ve gotten rid of a few things and my heart is heavy.

  3. Blonde Mom says:


    You know what? I am not really sad about getting rid of the stuff and that makes me realize I am all the more ready to not have any more babies. Am I evil or what?

    Now I am hanging on to special outfits…holiday, birthday outfits and of course their first coming home from the hospital outfits.

    I was a little sad about the crib since both my girls slept in it and we have a ton of pictures of my husband putting it together while our big dog Jack laid down and put his head in his lap.

  4. nap warden says:

    I try to cycle out the toys as the babies outgrow them. It is hard to let go of the little bear flannels so I just keep sorting piles. Funny story! Thanks…..

  5. Liza's Eyeview says:

    This could happen to me too 🙂
    The way you told this is just too funny! :0

    And it’s funny when Friglet asked:
    Did she key up your car as she walked away? – LOL!

  6. Kelli says:

    I guess that toy is going to have to go into the Goodwill bag. I am just picturing some less fortunate child pointing at dogs and exclaiming “car!”

  7. Jill says:

    Glad to read you at least had some luck on Craig’s list. I never have….. I may try to see the baby furniture in a couple months. Worth a shot at least.

  8. Blonde Mom says:

    Aside from this experience (which is totally due to my own human error/airheadedness), I recommend Craigslist. In fact one of my friends at work just sold her home on Craigslist!

  9. Anne says:

    oh man, i don’t know why but i can relate to this as if the very same thing happened to me.

    oh well. goodwill will still take it!

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