The Royal Treatment, Magic Poop, and a Potty Training Milestone

Because some conversations with a 5-year-old are just too comical to not share.

Me: “Here’s your juice darlin’.”

Miss C: “Thank you my queen.”

Me: “Oh, queen…I like that!”

Miss C: “Mommy, you know what? Mommies are queens, daddies are princes and kids are…kids are children!”

Later that evening Miss C disappears and my mommy senses are tingling, telling me she is probably in the bathroom on the toilet and in need of assistance. I am right.

Me: “Miss C are you OK?”

Miss C: “Yeah mommy. It’s just very hard. Ugh.”

She is straining so hard she acts like she’s giving birth on the potty.

Me: “Do you need help? Do you have diarrhea?”

Miss C: “No, no, it’s just taking a long time.”

(Note to self: too much cheese!)

Me: “OK, I’ll be right out here if you need help.”

Miss C: (getting up from the toilet): “Mommy I’m finished. I made magic!

Me: “Magic?!”

Miss C: “Yea, it’s magic when it takes a long time like that.”

Me: “Your poop is magic?”

Miss C: “Yep!”

And in other poop-related news, Miss A pooped in the potty last week at home after an arduous process that involved repeated trips to the bathroom.

I repeat. She pooped in the potty.

Dear Lord my life has come down to this…color commentary on HUMAN FECES.

Hey, at least I’m not posting photographic evidence.


  1. Charla says:

    I found myself entertaining the idea of Southern Girl being potty trained (nevermind she’s just a few days shy of 17 months). I mean, she always seems so interested when I go to the bathroom (you know how it is…mommy goes to the potty and always has an audience). I am very envious of your light at the end of the tunnel potty. Go Miss A!

  2. Mrs. Flinger says:

    HAHAHA! It’s MAGIC, momma! Duh. Honestly, though, I feel that way, because when she DOES poop in the party? It’s TOTAL magic.

  3. Filtering Life says:

    I have IBS and I can say with confidence,none of my poo has magic no matter how long it took me to make it. That is a hilarious conversation.

  4. jen says:

    I justgotthough potty training. We’re still having a couple of accidents here and there, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Having kids poop on the toilet with no assistance – it is magic!

    Your kids sound too cute!

  5. Erin says:

    i would never have thought of it as fault to cheese!

    the comparison to giving birth is the most accurate I’ve thought of… 😛

  6. Richie Ann says:

    I never thought I’d have so many conversations about poop but they are just regular business at our house anymore! Congratulations on the potty training!

  7. Renee says:

    All our lives have come to that! Don’t feel bad. Yippee for her; I love to see poop in the potty, and nowhere else!

  8. Mrs. Schmitty says:

    Yes, please keep the photos for their scrapbooks!! R. is completely driving me nuts with the training. One day she is all for it and the next you can forget about it!

  9. Anne says:

    yay! congratulations! Emma has peed on the floor about 5 times in the past few days. one step forward here, two steps back ( or more) for sure.

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