You Might Not Want Him to Lick You

If you’re letting your 2-year-old air out sans diaper and she poops on the floor it’s very possible that some of it will disappear while you’re rushing to the bathroom to grab toilet paper and your 70-pound dog will walk around with a guilty look on his face the rest of the night.

This is all strictly hypothetical, of course.


  1. Amy says:

    well I just discovered the outdoor cat that wandered up and Brian paid $450 to have its tail amputated (the rest of the way) and then have the little fellow castrated, has been using the kids sandbox as his own!!! I am NOT happy. Want a tail-less cat? After I calmed down, I think I will have my brother in law who built it make me a lid. Good lord! What next!

  2. Tennessee Mom says:

    I’m letting my 2 year old run around nude and the dog will eat the crap off the floor too. yucky!

  3. angel says:

    No hypotheticals here. Anna has had many an accident Oreo (my cockappoo) has found as a delicious after dinner snack. What do you know, it is a delicatessen to all dogs! HA HA! Trust me, he does not lick my face.
    Better than Anna deciding to play in it (when she has her diaper on)and use it to paint the walls. Oh yes, Potty training is a blast! 😉 HA HA!

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