Homegrown Goodness

We took the girls for a Sunday afternoon drive in the country recently to the hubby’s grandmother’s farm. Although there weren’t yet any tomatoes, we came home with some fine homegrown squash and potatoes. Now Grandmother Jen passed away several years ago, but the farm is still in the family. It’s a bonafide Middle Tennessee with an old barn and an outhouse and a front porch with an worn wooden glider and a croquet set that the hubby remembers playing with as a boy. The old house sits empty, the flowerbeds are overgrown and the porch is quiet, but there is still homegrown goodness on the land. My father-in-law’s cousin plants a heck of a garden every spring and we usually drive up a few times every summer because the magnetic force of homegrown tomatoes is too great to resist.

We went on a squash hunt and Miss A insisted on running in between the rows of plants with a strand of purple beads in one hand and a pink Cinderella flip phone in the other because apparently she was expecting a very important call and she also needed to be able to accessorize with just a moment’s notice.


As we were leaving the garden, this old weathered chair caught my eye. I couldn’t really get a good shot of it unless I took a few steps on to someone else’s property. So I did. Some things just on the edge of your peripheral vision beg to be admired and photographed, even an old country chair.



  1. Mrs Mogul says:

    I like that color! I’m not sure if I can live in the country (but the HAMPTONS yes) I’m too city. Your photos are very nice!

  2. Blonde Mom says:

    I grew up in the country but now I think I’m way too used to living two miles from the grocery store and every modern convenience.

    But we do talk about moving out of the suburbs eventually. I’m just not sure how “out” I want to live. 😉

  3. Dawn K says:

    I have great memories of picking vegtables from my grandma’s garden every year. It was so exciting to me to pick tomatoes and beans and then go in the house and eat them. There is no sweeter corn than that picked right off the stalk and eaten on the way to the house. My dad aka Grandpa has a huge 1/2 acre garden he can’t wait to the get the little walking wonder into. The tradition continues.

    Summer Fun. Enjoy.

  4. Amy says:

    maybe you need a summer home? A DIY project? The siding on the house reminds me of my Dad’s parent’s house that is no longer standing.

  5. Renee says:

    Oh, I love the chair. My grandparents used to have chairs just like that and it reminds me of spending time at their place as a kid.
    It made me happy just looking at it.

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