Somewhere, Somehow, Someone Has Fashioned Little Voodoo Dolls of Our Kitchen Appliances

So yesterday we just had to laugh (hardy har freakin’ har) when our microwave made a zzzzzztttttt sound while I was reheating some French Toast. I can say that Old Sharp-ie passed relatively quickly and pain free, however my withdrawal has been a tad painful since my need to microwave everything in the refrigerator suddenly increased ten fold. Of course our toaster oven, Blackie, is loving the new attention. What? You don’t name your appliances?

We weren’t surprised since our microwave was 10 years old. And I wasn’t really emotionally bonded to it because we inherited it from the previous home owners who gave off a Jerry Springer vibe (some neighbors told us the former man of the house had a thing for revving his truck engine late every Saturday night while blaring the stereo and drinking beer.) And yes, this is our second appliance to die in the past two weeks, but what’s $216, including tax, when you’ve just forked over $1,000 for a new refrigerator?

After a little Internet research and removing the old over-the-range microwave, the hubby headed to Home Depot, where once again he wasn’t exactly blown away by the selection or service. He called to say they didn’t have the microwave we found online in stock and that the employee assisting him had actually told him he’d be better off going to another store, such as Sears or a local appliance shop! Lowes got our business yet again, although no one was helpful there either, and the hubby ended up loading the huge microwave box on to one of those oversized dolly carts and wheeling it to the checkout himself because the Lowes employee was apparently only capable of pointing. Has good customer service died? I guess so.

So, do you have any appliance nightmares to share? Where do you typically buy your appliances? And, is it just me, or are they just not making them like they used to? At some point either our 10-year-old oven or stove cooktop will be next to ascend to that great appliance heaven in the sky, where they will sparkle for eternity and are no longer marred by toddlers’ sticky hands.

Of course the best part of getting a new microwave was the box. It makes a fine rocket ship.




  1. Linda says:

    We don’t name our appliances, but we have had good luck with the Sears outlet store. I *heart* my (scratch & dent) Jenn Air cooktop and oven!

  2. Blonde Mom says:


    Our fridge that died was a Kenmore Elite from the Sears outlet and was only about 7 years old (it had a dent in the side but you couldn’t see it because it was up against the wall.) Apparently we just got a lemon because EVERYONE I know who has bought appliances from the Sears scratch n’ dent place loves ’em.


  3. Mof2 says:

    We love Sears! We never go anywhere but there, we have went to the other big stores, but never found the great prices you can get at Sears. Hopefully no other appliance dies anytime soon!

  4. Holly Schwendiman says:

    They definitely don’t make them like they used to as my parents JUST put the very first microwave they ever owned out of it’s misery last year. I think that everything made now is made faster and cheaper and thus not as long lasting as it used to be. I am SO right with you on the lack of customer service help with the big home improvement stores….


  5. Richie Ann says:

    Our trouble this summer hasn’t been appliances but roots in our plumbing. It always seems like something that zaps my “extra” (hard–ee-har) money.

  6. Renee says:

    Well, my oven went kaput a few months back and we got another one, and my microwave died about a month before. My washing machine is now currently acting up (and it’s not even 3 years old yet!)

  7. MrsFierceShoes says:

    After our kitchen remodel, the new dishwasher is a piece of junk. I finally gave up on it getting the glasses clean and started handwashing everything. My mom is so funny…she runs her dishwasher once a month just to blow the dust off… ha!

  8. Mrs Mogul says:

    I don’t have an appliance nightmare but a sofa one. How do you clean ball point pen off? Oh well it’s under warranty so…

    I think riding in boxes is fun!

  9. Bridgett says:

    They do not make them the way they used to. My parents have been married 33 years and are on their second fridge (and the original didn’t die, it simply went to the basement to be the “soda fridge”). So we try to buy our major appliances used. We inherited a 1965 stove that is LOVELY, and all the others are from John’s Appliances, this little hole in the wall local store…

  10. Mrs. Flinger says:

    Oh, Jamie! I didn’t realize how much they look JUST LIKE YOU until these pictures. I’ve SEEN them before but here? They’re little tiny Yous. Awesome.

  11. kailani says:

    Our washing machine recently gave up and that really sucked. The worst was when the ac conked out in the middle of summer. I was not a very happy Mommy! LOL!

  12. mamatulip says:

    Is a central air unit an appliance? The summer of ’05 was one of the hottest summers on record in my area; it also was the summer I was pregnant with Oliver. When I was 38 weeks our unit died completely, in the middle of a brutal heat wave — temps were hovering at about 115 — and air conditioning repair guys were booked solid for weeks. Our neighbours actually came over to see if I was in labour because they heard me crying. LOL.

  13. Mrs. Schmitty says:

    A few years ago when we needed to replace our stove we had a small problem. When the oven was heated you practically burned off the first few layers of skin when you touched either the top or the side of the stove. I was told by that store’s manager that it was “normal”. Sure, okay,I’ll get back to you when my children are in the burn unit and I need to sue your ass! Needless to say I told them to come back and take it out of here because I cancelled the check.

  14. Bluegrass Mama says:

    We replaced our last two appliances (a stove and a microwave, in that order!) at h.h. gregg, but I really don’t like them. I’d try Sears and/or Best Buy next time. Which hopefully is a ways off. That is wishful thinking from the owner of a 16 year old electric stove. It’s an over/under (2 ovens) which means that replacing it will involve some remodeling, too, since they don’t make them any more.

  15. Dawn K says:

    We actually have a $6,000 refrigerator. $1,000 for the fridge we bought when we moved into our new house and $5,000 for a new kitchen floor when the ice maker leaked because the installation guys would not crawl under the house to hook it up properly. That was our experience with Sears. That was after we couldn’t get anyone to help us at Lowes or Home Depot.

    Maybe this is it for a while, she said encouragingly.

  16. Believer in Balance says:

    We were in appliance meltdown last year and my hubby thought we’d save time and effort by ordering new ones online from The worst nightmare ever!!!! The website kept messing up what was in our cart, after we spent hours reviewing the features of every fridge, dishwasher and stove. They didn’t give us the discount as advertised. They kept cancelling the delivery date. When they finally arrive, the guy says stainless shows all the fingerprints and our fridge is so small! Our freezer is tiny and has no light. The good news…we paid a small fortune for the privilege!

  17. k-mama says:

    Yes. I work in a regional appliance retail store (small, not Lowe’s/Home Depot size) and the quality of home appliances has dropped off dramatically in the 11 plus years I have worked there. The reason? I’m sorry, but its the Made in China/Made in Mexico cheap labor. Our jobs have left in droves to these “cheap” countries where they have poor quality. We receive appliances with no visible damage to the box but the appliance inside will be banged up and damaged. The parts are cheap, plastic, and not designed to hold up over 6-8 years. The days of the pride of “made in america” apparently are over. I blamed it on Clinton and NAFTA and had high high hopes for Bush to charge in on his white horse, reverse NAFTA and bring all the so, so important manufacturing and textile jobs back to the US. I now no longer have faith in any of our politicians to help. Oh, me, I must get down off my soapbox! Love your blog.

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