Personalized Books Your Kids Will Love

When Printakid out of Canada contacted me about reviewing one of their personalized children’s books I was excited to add a new book to our library. Printakid founder Noemi Burlus started the company after she became frustrated when searching for a special personalized book for her goddaughter, whose mom is Haitian and whose dad is French.

Although there are several personalized books for children on the market, Printakid’s products are unique because you customize the illustrations by selecting your child’s hair and eye color, as well as eye shape and hair style. The character illustrated in Miss C’s finished book looks amazingly like her. And, ironically enough, they both have a thing for pink headbands. Your child’s book is also customized with the names of three friends interspersed in the story.

I chose “Laughing All the Way to School” as Miss C is starting kindergarten in August. She and Miss A both love the story. There are six Printakid books to choose from, including birthday and Christmas theme books.

My one criticism was that the Printakid products are a tad on the pricey side, but I received an e-mail this week announcing lower prices effective July 1! The book quality is excellent and the books feature a glossy hard bound cover. You can purchase just the book for $24.41 (down from $27.89) or the book and CD for $34.99 (down from $39.98). I ordered my book online and received it within a week.

So, the next time you are looking for a unique present that your little bibliophiles will love, check out Printakid personalized books for children.


  1. kelli says:

    My parents did this for my brother’s and I when we were little. We still have them. Thanks for reminding me. Hailee would love this!

  2. Blonde Mom says:

    I have to add that Miss A loves this book so much she toted it to daycare today and her teacher commented on how cute it was!

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