Something’s Rotten, and Oh How I Wish It Was in Denmark

We rolled in from the beach this evening and were hit with a nasty smell as soon as we walked in the door. At first I thought we had left some garbage in the kitchen garbage can. Then I saw a trail of melted chocolate ice cream mixed in with an unidentified gooey slick of freezer sludge on the floor in front of the refrigerator and I knew.

The darn thing died.

We’ve only had our refrigerator (Kenmore Elite, my ass) for seven years and it’s been nothing but a problem child appliance.

We had some other unfortunate appliance/electronic/automobile related mishaps happen while on vacation. Our portable DVD player was stolen from my car the night before we left (we had left my car unlocked as we were in that pre-vacation happy daze and our dogs were already at my brother’s house…usually they go crazy if anyone steps foot on to our property.) You can bet your bottom parent consumer dollar that our first stop Thursday morning en route to the beach was to buy a new DVD player for the seven to eight hour car ride to the Florida panhandle. And after spending Sunday morning at the zoo in Gulf Breeze, something hit my windshield while we were driving down the highway and it is now sporting a lovely crack right down the middle.

Any way, back to more pressing (foul smelling) matters. Thankfully I hadn’t done any major grocery shopping since Miss C’s birthday on the 12th since I knew we’d be leaving soon for vacation. The only consoling thought is knowing that the refrigerator was apparently destined to die and that perhaps it thought it would be an easier loss to deal with after we’d spent several days relaxing at the beach. I could have lived, however, without pulling the rancid baby back ribs and ground chuck from the freezer.

RIP refrigerator. We’re replacing you tomorrow…with a Maytag, more than likely from Home Depot.

Oh and speaking of stinky, it appears that we are fresh out of diapers. I guess Miss A will be sporting a Little Mermaid swim diaper to daycare in the morning.

Edited to add: The refrigerator, she is WORKING! The hubby flipped the breaker switch and unplugged it and plugged it back in. We had a record-breaking heat day on Sunday here so maybe it has something to do with that. I’m just happy we have a cold refrigerator.

Another update, unfortunately: The ice in the freezer is melting. It appears to be dead, yet again. We’re headed to Lowes as their delivery time is much faster.


  1. Lisa says:

    I know the feeling! Ours died while I was visiting my folks with the girls back in April….only my husband was home & just thought “something was wrong” with the fridge. DUH! The ice cube tray was full of warm water! Hope you find a new one quickly. Our new one has the fridge on top & the freezer on the bottom & I love it!

  2. kailani says:

    I would die if we ran out of diapers. Thank goodness WalMart is open 24 hours!

    Yuck! I can’t even imagine having to clean out the fridge!

  3. Mrs. Schmitty says:

    The last one we had died the day I went food shopping! What a mess! And that always seems to happen in the summer months, doesn’t it? Now I have 2 refrigerators, just in case!

  4. RB says:

    Oh no! That is just the pits. I am glad that it is working again, a new fridge is not easy on the ol budget.

  5. jag says:

    Oh, this is my worst nightmare – not only is our A/C already out, but the fridge is making horrible noises and since it’s probably older than me, I’m not expecting it to last long. Two of our fans also died recently. The universe just does not want anything to be cold in this house.

    I’m tempted to revisit 6th grade and call you to ask if your refrigerator is running.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Hrmmmm……I’m pretty sure I wasn’t there, but it sure sounds like my luck. Sorry it came to visit you.

    On the bright side though, you can buy a nice big freezer on the bottom fridge, cause they ROCK!

    Seriously though, I didn’t send you all that bad luck. I hate it when that happens. BUT three things bad, you’re good to go. Go buy a lotto ticket.

  7. Charla says:

    I fully expect our fridge to give it up in the near future, as it is a hand-me-down from my parents and it is oooooolllllllddddddd. But, it’s doing a great job for the time being, so we’ll stick with it!

    What a terrible way to end vacation, though! I am glad it’s working again; if you’re like us, a new fridge isn’t something you just have the extra money lying around to run out and buy.

  8. Liz says:

    Okay, so I know that a new fridge would have put a big kink into your summer budget…but, I would have been, like “DANG IT!”

  9. Richie Ann says:

    Once my husband stabbed our fridge with a kitchen knife while he was trying to defrost it. A high pressure yellow oil stream came shooting out of it all over him. That’s right, he stabbed our fridge to death! God, I love that guy!!!
    Our chest freezer broke once too and I literally had to climb in to get out all the bloody meat. It was right after hunting season so it was full of Bambi meat. It was soooo gross so I feel for ya! Hope your appliances start actin’ right.

  10. Blonde Mom says:

    Richie Ann:

    Woo that is gross! No deer meat in our fridge thank God! 😉

    Yep, after eating out all week at the beach we really don’t need to go buy a new major appliance! The replacement DVD player was unexpected enough as it was!

    We found out that the same night a neighbor two doors down had her iPod stolen from her car…she had left hers unlocked, too.

    And Liz, I really wanted to say more than “dang it” but I had to watch my language in front of the girls.

    It was more like “you’ve got to be SHITTING me.” Sigh…

  11. Anne says:

    aww DRAG. The spoiled meat smell is somthing one never forgets unfortunately. Oh well. At least you are getting a *brand new* fridge with no pre-existing stains and whatnot.

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