Those Johnson & Johnson Boys Sure Do Get Around

My fairy blogmother shipped a whole slew of Johnson & Johnson products for me to review. I don’t have the best skin, so I was thrilled to try some new products!

I didn’t realize that Johnson & Johnson makes both Aveeno and Purpose skincare products. And did you know that Aveeno has a great new sunscreen line? The baby sunblock SPF 45 works great on Miss A, who has very fair skin. I sent it to daycare for her playground time. She usually looks like Pigpen from the old Peanuts cartoons when I pick her up in the afternoons, but at least I don’t have to worry about her getting sunburned. I have also tried the SPF 45 continuous spray sunblock on myself and the girls. It’s lightweight and easy to toss in my pool bag or our jog stroller, because Lord knows I have been lugging enough snacks, baby wipes, and other paraphernalia around this summer to outfit a small day camp.

I was also sent Aveeno’s new ultra calming line, which includes the natural ingredient feverfew. I love this line! The daily moisturizer, with an SPF of 15, is my favorite. It’s lightweight and I put it on before applying my makeup. I also love the night cream. At 37, I’ve got that lovely combination skin complete with teenage acne and little lines around my eyes, so apparently my skin can’t decide what the hell age it is and is rebelling. The foaming cleanser is almost a little too lightweight for me, but I highly recommend both the daily moisturizer and the heavier moisturizing cream.

Lastly, I was sent several Purpose skincare products. My favorite product is the redness reducing moisturizer with the higher SPF of 30, especially on these hot weekends when I’m outside quite a bit. I prefer a lightweight daily moisturizer and I have blotchy skin that freckles easily so I’m a sucker for any product that will help tone down the ruddiness of my complexion while at the same time being gentle. I’ve also used the Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash on the girls in the tub.

Now, if I can just keep Miss A from showering herself with dirt at daycare.


  1. Mrs.M says:

    fun! i’ll have to try some of the purpose items, i’ve never used those. Also I want the products with feverfew!!
    lucky girl! I want a fairy blogmother.

  2. Filtering Life says:

    Here, here to acne in your 30’s. What is with that? Nothing pisses me off more than wrinkles and acne at the same time…give me a break! I am currently battling another breakout…so frustrating. I am intrigued by the Aveno line and might give it a try. I use Oil of Olay complete for sensitive skin right now, but I feel like it is too greasy and may contribute to these break outs. HMMMMM……thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Richie Ann says:

    Yeah, I need a fairy blogmother too. I’ve used the Aveeno on my baby and it was great! One of my favorite line of products by far!

  4. Busy Mom says:

    Love, Aveeno stuff, especially since I have “problem” skin. At 42. Yes, indeedy I do. So not fair.

  5. sunblock fairy says:

    the Aveeno baby sunblock is now SPF 55 to provide even more protection — with the special UVA blocker as well. That’s why I use it. It also has a seal from the American Academy of Dermatology.

  6. Charla says:

    I am going to have to get the Aveeno sunscreen line for Southern Girl. I try to keep her slathered in it, especially her birthmark (the derm. said her laser treatments wouldn’t be as effective on skin that is tanned) It seems like some sunscreens irritate her birthmark, so maybe the Aveeno won’t. It’s worth a try!

  7. Kerri Roberts says:

    I have another “fairy blogmother” offer for you if you are interested.

    I’m reaching out to talk to parents about the Maya & Miguel program as part of a marketing project I’m working on with Scholastic. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Maya & Miguel, a show on PBS in the afternoons — — that emphasizes cultural diversity and language learning.

    I found your post and thought I’d reach out to say hello and ask if you’d like to receive a free Maya & Miguel DVD. If you’d like to receive the DVD just email me at Kerri at with your address and I’ll have it shipped it out to you.

    If you do choose to blog about Maya & Miguel show or episodes on the DVD, please make it clear how you received the information. Our goal is to be open and honest with everyone we reach.

    Kerri Roberts, BoldMouth

  8. Best Moisturizer says:

    I do like the idea of a fairy bogmother bestowing gifts like that. I was intrigued by the inclusion of feverfew in a lotion. I am aware of that herb to prevent migraine but don’t know about it for a topical. I’ll have to do some reading.

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