Mutha of All Meltdowns

First of all, today is Miss C’s 5th birthday!

Second, I’m no longer going to use the girls’ real names on my blog. Perhaps that is overcautious or overprotective, not that I would be guilty of being either of those things (cough), but with Miss C starting kindergarten I’d like to make any references to her and baby sister a bit more anonymous.

So, I’m thinking of calling the girls Miss C and Miss A OR Maggie and Grace, which is a play on their middle names. What do ya’ll think?

We’ve also been calling a certain 2-year-old Scamp Monkey, which I think would be a fabulous name for a rock band. Back in the single career girl days, my roommate and I would have one too many happy beverages and would write down crazy ass band names. Obviously we had way too much mental energy on our hands.

I stayed up too late last night boo hooing over Miss C’s baby photos and trying to write the most phenomenal birthday tribute post evah. Several evil cosmic forces aligned this morning to make me feel like the worst mother on the planet by 8 a.m. Miss A woke up at an ungodly hour of 5 something, while Miss C was rarin’ to head to school bright and early so she could show off her snazzy new tropical Dora tankini and new fuschia flip flops at water play. Then Miss A heard me blabbering on about her grandparents coming over tonight for a cookout and decided that she was boycotting going to daycare this morning. I had to physically force her into her carseat and haul her in to school screaming her head off and then leave as she was screaming. The assistant director at daycare must have read my mind, because she called me as I was about to walk into my office to let me know Miss A was fine. But seriously, the girl is strong and may have a future as a WWE wrestler.

Caitlin, however, was pumped about water play and birthday cake and was all smiles.

Any way, this day can only get better.

Note to the hubby: If I go missing later today, follow the cupcake icing trail. The presents are wrapped stuffed in gift bags recycled from last year and hidden in our bathroom. And we need four AA batteries for that dance mat thing.


  1. Mrs.M says:

    You left a full name at the bottom. I like Miss C and Miss A. Of course I love their middle names and only hope that Maggie is short for Margaret and have spent countless hours trying to convince my husband that Margaret is a beautiful name especially used as a double name such as Anne (or Anna) Margaret or Leigh Margaret but he’s not buying it. I like that Anna Margaret sounds cute shortened to Anna Meg. Ok, I might have wasted a lot of time when your childs middle name is not Margaret.

    I like the Miss C and Miss A. That way you know they’re nicknames and it’s fun to wonder what you’ve really named them!

  2. mayberry says:

    Happy birthday to your big girl!

    I like the “Miss” monikers too; and also have a little J. Margaret in my house. We had probably half a dozen middle names we were considering, all in honor of various relatives; in the end we went with “best sound” rather than trying to pick amongst all the wonderful people.

  3. Bluegrass Mama says:

    I’ve been toying with the idea of using pseudonyms on my blog, too, but meanwhile I’ve got 910 posts out there with the real thing on them (including in the comments). In any case, happy birthday to Miss C!

  4. Blonde Mom says:

    Well Miss C and Miss A it is.

    Although the hubby reminded me that I’ve already been blogging for a year and a half using their real names.

    Oh well. 😉

  5. Bridgett says:

    I just started reading your blog as another mom of two. Anyway, I use my daughters’ names on my blog…which probably isn’t the best idea, but I have used them for over a year so…anyway, I like the Miss moniker. Or Scamp Monkey. Mine are often Bagobones and Squishy.

  6. Anne says:

    Happy Birthday! And, it wouldn’t be a party or a celebration for that matter if all hell didn’t break loose at some point beforehand. Luckily you got it long before the actual party, right?!

  7. Liz says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Miss C – Thing One, Thing Two, Little Man and Mini-me send their salutations, too – my rugrats’ favorite aunt’s birthday is the same day as yours…cewl!…good thing I wasn’t around, or else Daddy wouldn’t have a nice cupcake icing trail to follow, anymore.


  8. Mrs. Schmitty says:

    I use pseudonyms too. I also will only post pictures of them from the back or with enough of their face trimmed off that you can’t really see who they are. I just feel safer that way.

  9. Charla says:

    I *try* to not use their real names, but on comments I forget sometimes (most of the time).

    Happy, Happy (now belated) birthday to Miss C! I can say that (for us) 5 is already much better than 4, and he’s just been 5 since Feb. I hope y’all had a good cookout last night, and I can’t wait to hear about the friend party details!

  10. Liza says:

    Even though you’ve been blogging for a year using still would make a difference starting using the Miss C and Miss A now… the new readers wouldn’t know 🙂

  11. Lisa says:

    I agree with the pseudonymns….I refer to my girls by their nicknames….Goosey & Lulu. Happy 5 years of mamahood! I had a hard time with my oldest turning three this year – I’m sure I’ll be a total basket case by five. Where does time go????

  12. Nancy says:

    I changed my girls’ names mid-blog too — I did always use pseudonyms, but (as you may recall) I called them “Little A” and “Big A.” But finally I changed to their current nicknames — TypePad has a search and replace option, so I used that. You might be able to do the same thing with WordPress for the historical posts?

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