Some Saturday Afternoon, Thank God The Girls Are Finally Quiet, Links

This website of passive-aggressive notes is hilarious! R*Belle linked to it too, so you know it is funny, funny stuff.

I ordered a cute personalized butterfly beach towel from Pottery Barn Kids last week for Caitlin’s birthday from my mom (free shipping and only $19 before monogramming) and it arrived three days later! Holy fast shipping. Caitlin needs a towel for nap time at kindergarten and I thought she’d love one with her name on it. Plus she’s in this annoying phase where she wants to give her friends at school random things. As in, “Mommy can I give BFF my [insert random object, from flip flops to a headband here].” So this should stop her from giving her nap towel away. I mean I want her to be a giving person, but…

Speaking of “holy,” Caitlin has been singing a little ditty that goes something like…”Holy, hoooooly, HOOOOOLY!” The girl. She cracks me up. It finally dawned on me that she picked that up at church, although we’ve been attending pretty sporadically. She’s going to her first Vacation Bible School in two weeks so no doubt she’ll learn lots of new songs which might be good considering she’s been chanting “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat! If you don’t, I don’t care, I’m going to pull your underwear!” That gets a little old with it being almost 90 degrees out and all.

I noticed an incoming link to my site from a blog with the BEST name,“Life is Short, Buy the Shoes.” She posted about a great website, Beyond Orders, a messaging system between the troops in Iraq and citizens back home. Here’s an excerpt…

Good day! I am the Company GySgt for Bravo Company 1/4 currently in Iraq. I am in a province where children are in need for everything from toys and soccer balls, to clothes. The streets are starting to become safe and we see children all the time along the roads with not much to do. We want to pass out soccer balls, soccer jerseys, volley balls, and jump ropes as we walk and drive the streets. The children where we are currently located all come out with smiles on their faces and look to us for support. Unfortunately, we do not have such items to give…

So be sure to check out Beyond Orders for donation ideas for Iraqi children. I’ve posted about this type thing before.

Working Moms Against Guilt does a cool Friday Finds list and yesterday’s edition linked to the Disney outlet, where I found some fun Mickey Mouse polos that would be appropriate for Caitlin’s school dress code.

I found a great website with a school uniform section. I ordered skorts and jumpers for Caitlin. Hopefully she’ll like them. (Edited to add…they arrived today and she LOVES them. Yahoo!) Deciphering her taste is very hit or miss. One day she’s my Punky Brewster with mismatched socks and one day she’s a princess in training in a dress and a tiara.

And just a friendly reminder that I’m a SitterCity affiliate, which has a search engine for both babysitters and petsitters nationwide. Click on the ad at the bottom of my blog and use the code BLONDEMOM for 10 percent off registration! I’m donating 20 percent of the commission I make until the end of the year to the Susan G. Kumen for the Cure organization. I know I am a very lucky mama to have my breast cancer scare turn out to be nothing.

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  1. Renee says:

    Wow, Jamie, that post had a lot of useful information. Thanks. and I hope you’re having a good weekend!

  2. exskindiver says:

    yes, i too will check on the uniform site–in preparation for this coming august.
    (i got here through a meme-click. you were second to the top of my list.)
    i also have two daughters (6 and 8)
    and my 8 yr old loves singing: “I am the resurrection…and the life!!!!…”
    at the top of her lungs. I had to laugh at the hoooleeeeey singing at your house too.

    happy sunday

  3. Blonde Mom says:

    Ya’ll I was really pleased with the khaki skort and jumper I ordered…very sturdy material! I also ordered her a navy skort and jumper. That material is more suited for fall/winter but she also loved them. I’ll definitely be ordering more things from them. I didn’t try the polos but may have to try them out as well. Shipping was fast, too.

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