Sponge Bob Underpants

Caitlin’s running commentary as she devours a bag of Sponge Bob fruit snacks, but not before carefully examining each one before she plops it in her mouth…

“Patrick is naked!”

“Squidward is NOT naked!”

“Sponge Bob is not naked! But he is naked at night. At night he only wears his underwear!”

This might be a sign that our new guilty parenting indulgence of letting the girls watch Sponge Bob while we finish dinner in peace might be a little out of hand.


  1. Anne says:

    eh, I used to hate SB until I actually sat down to watch it. hilarious! and only slightly inapproariate occasionally. Besides C was just making observations. Good smart girl!

  2. Blonde Mom says:


    I agree…Sponge Bob rocks! I think we enjoy it as much as the girls. What cracks me up though is that Amelia (who is just 26 months) LOVES it, too, although I’m sure most of the humor is lost on her.

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