And on the Sixth Day, God Did NOT Make Chuck E. Cheese

I have fought the good fight against the full blown kid birthday party for Caitlin. However, this is her last summer at daycare and she wants to invite her entire class to join in the celebration. It will be a great way for her to enjoy time with some of her friends before they all part ways in August to attend various elementary schools. I keep telling myself that.

We’re having a family cookout on her actual birthday, followed up by a small weekend party at the generic Chuck E. Cheese in town. I’m using the term small lightly, as their are 17 kids in her class. But considering one of my co-workers told me they had 100 guests, including parents, at a pool party for her 6-year-old son last year, a guest list of 17 seems doable, especially when we don’t have to deal with the post-party cleanup. That and the fact that I have a 10 percent off coupon for a party package makes me a happy mama.

But our birthday girl dreams big and I’ve had to reel her in a few times when she starts with the crazy birthday party talk. In the past few weeks she’s told me she wants a pony and then a horse at her party and at one point she was practically begging me to book her party at either a bounce center or Chuck E. Cheese. The bounce center was definitely not an option as it is way on the other side of town. Now there is a Chuck E. Cheese about 20 minutes from our house but why drive so far when we have a lovely generic Chuck E Cheese, which I shall call Chuck E. Lite, at our local mall, which is only 5 minutes away?

So I told Caitlin that Chuck E. Cheese was far, far away from our house. So far that some of her friends might not be able to attend her party if we held it there. Then I pumped up the idea of Chuck E. Lite.

Caitlin’s response, “But mommy, didn’t God build a LOT of Chuck E. Cheese’s?”

The days of me being able to tell her Chuck E. Cheese is practically on another planet are slowly grinding to a halt.

She is so on to me.


  1. Erin says:

    that is adorable. God built Chuck E. Cheese and Chuck E. Lite and he loves them both equally 😀 Anyway, 17 is so doable! (I remember the days when having your birthday party at McDonald’s meant you were so cool/your parents were so cool!) I hope she has fun!!

  2. Mrs.M says:

    Caitlin is so going to bust you. Get some sidewalk chalk, a couple of generic summer games, and put the kids on your driveway for 2 hours. Give them a little cake, ice cream, and a sheet of stickers and send them home.

    i loathe chuck e. cheese. i’m going to tell my children the devil lives in there.

  3. Holly Schwendiman says:

    Yes she is…they learn so fast don’t they? I braved the CC hell last weekend with 3 extra kiddos….all I can say is I’ve done my time for a while again. LOL


  4. J says:

    Just found your blog…love it. I sent my son to CEC’s this weekend with his grand parents, I got to stay home with the sick baby!!!

  5. malia says:

    We invited 17 or 18 girls to JBelle’s birthday party. Wanna know how many actually showed up? Seven. (Which was sort of a propos since she just turned seven. Oh and how many RSVP’d? Three.) I seriously doubt you’ll have 17 at her party. I’m with Mrs. M. That’s pretty much what we did for JBelle. Still ended up costing us a more $$ than I would have liked since I was planning for 15, seven showed up and only 4 actually ate any of the sub sandwiches I paid $60 for!! Ay-yi-yi!

  6. Bluegrass Mama says:

    We’ve done the local pizza place thing once, but only had about 6 kids. The blowout was the roller skating party where we invited 19 kids and every single one came. The amount of gifts was overwhelming. Never again.

  7. Blonde Mom says:

    So Bluegrass Mama, you’re telling me it’s great timing that I’ve donated two bags of toys/kids’ VHS tapes/books this week?! I figured I’d purge the toys before the great gift overload of 2007.

    But Caitlin…that Caitlin of mine can remember a freaking Happy Meal toy from a year ago. I’ll “secretly toss” them and then she’ll pipe up out of the blue about one like it was the greatest toy ever.

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