Operation Parental Freedom

Waterfall, originally uploaded by blondemom.

Operation Head to the Mountains Without the Kids or Cell Phone Service or Internet Access for 48 hours was a rousing success!

The hubby and I went to the North Georgia Mountains this weekend. We have never spent the night away from both girls and we wanted to get away for a little belated 10th anniversary celebration without Dora, Diego, or Boots interrupting our thought processes. Plus, we’re going to the beach with the girls in a few weeks and we figured we’d start resting up now.

It sounds cliche, but it was indeed a luxury to lounge in bed, on the couch, and on the front porch of the cabin without anyone pushing the mama concierge button for juice, snacks, or assistance in the potty. We went hiking on Saturday and saw several beautiful waterfalls and a gorgeous mountain lake. We also scoped out Helen, Georgia, for a possible family trip this fall or next spring. We stayed in a cabin in Blairsville, Georgia, a rural area on the other side of the Chattahoochee National Forest. The hubby surprised me by booking the exact cabin we had stayed in 12 years ago when we were a few months away from becoming engaged. We marveled a lot this weekend about how much our lives have changed in that time. Way back in 1995, he was living in Florida and had faxed the directions to me at my office in Nashville because neither of us had e-mail. (Gasp.) I’m still amazed that I found the cabin by myself back then after we retraced my original trip along the meandering highway that follows the Ocoee River because neither of us had cell phones at that time, either. (Double gasp.)

Blairsville is in a dry county, so we bought our favorite champagne and some wine before we headed out of town. We also made a Target run. Priorities, people. Priorities.

Any way this morning on the trip home we realized we had committed the ultimate vacation foul. We left a nearly full bottle of Merlot on the counter in our cabin.


  1. Charla says:

    Holy crap, you and I went to Georgia in the same weekend? Of course I was in Atlanta, but hey, still, what a coincidence!

    It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend, which you greatly deserved! What a beautiful picture…

  2. Colleen says:

    Wow. That sounds heavenly. I’m glad you all had such a good time! Maybe we’ll try to sneak in an adults-only trip sometime soon. You’ve inspired me!

  3. Liza says:

    Way To Go! I’m glad you too the time off – juts the two of you, and I’m glad to hear it’s a success (not counting leaving the Merlot in the cabin!). Great photo too!

    P.S. – I received the prize last Friday (I meant to e-mail you but didn’t get a chance). Thank you!

  4. Erin says:

    that’s not cliche! that sounds wonderful! sucks about the merlot left behind but still! the photo looks gorgeous and I’m sure you had a good time- way to go hubby on booking that original room!!

  5. Bluegrass Mama says:

    Sounds wonderful! And I’m sure the next people to stay there (or the cleaning service) really enjoyed that merlot.

  6. jag says:

    How ironic – my baby brother was just telling me that he remembered us going to Helen when we were kids. He never remembers anything! If I recall correctly, close to or in Helen is where General Hospital is, birthplace of the Cabbage Patch Kids. I wonder if it’s still there. That was AWESOME when I was 10.

  7. Richie Ann says:

    A dry county? What the hell? I thought they only had those in Utah! It looks like a lovely weekend. I’m pretty jealous.

  8. Pattie says:

    Gasp! You LEFT wine???? I cannot fathom that *LOL*
    Anyway, I am glad you and your husband had such a great weekend. How romantic!

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