1. Parenting says:

    Hello Blondemom,

    I love your blog…new here wanted to say hi…

    Oh they are adorable angels…

  2. Mrs.M says:

    That could be the most adorable thing I’ve seen. It kinda makes me want to sing the Laverne and Shirley theme song though….

    “give us any chance we’ll take it….read us any rule we’ll break it….”

  3. Liz says:

    Hey, they look sooo familiar and I think we may even own a babooshka, or two – Thelma and Louise ain’t got nothin’ on your two little darlin’s!

  4. Richie Ann says:

    I love that the little one is pretty much always just wearing a diaper. To be so free again!!

  5. Pendullum says:

    How cute is that?
    I remember my Baba used to babysit my sister and I… And we would insist on a babooshka… well, one day… she put us in her size D bras, stuffed them up, put her flannels nighties on us,with out babooshkas and sent us home… I think I can still hear her laughter… and see my mother’s expression as we sauntered up the street…and we felt so sophisticated…

  6. Blonde Mom says:

    Richie Ann:

    The funny thing is she has more clothes than big sister since she gets all the hand me downs!!!


    THAT is hilarious! Now that would have made a great photo. Aren’t you glad the Internet and digital cameras weren’t around? 😉

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