As a woman of many words, I am very surprised to find myself searching for a term that describes the desire to tell the woman who walks into the ladies restroom just as you are washing your hands that the overwhelming aroma they’ve just been knocked over with was there when you walked in, too.


  1. jag says:

    I think simply making eye contact with the woman walking in is enough to say that it wasn’t you – the guilty party never looks anyone in the face.

    This happens to me all the time. The bathroom on our floor is well known (to me, anyway) as the stinkiest place in Brentwood. You sure we don’t work in the same building?

  2. Holly Schwendiman says:

    ROFL – you touched on a nerve everyone can identify with. But here’s something new. Last week we were at a restaurant and my daughter came with me to the restroom. We waited in line until the next stall opened up. It was the handicap one and a normal decent looking woman came out. I was acausted with the smell first and then the scene – there was poop smeared all over the seat. I was awestruck. My daughter’s jaw hit the floor and we both stepped back out to continue the wait. As we did, the woman was just finishing washing her hands. She checked out her backside in the mirror (no eye contact) – all the while I’m questioning seriously if this is any indication but it’s not damning evidence because I frequently check the rear view before leaving just to make sure there isn’t something that shouldn’t be there. I seriously couldn’t figure out if she was the culprit or not, but even if not I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how anyone would use a toilet in that condition! Either way it was just plain wrong. Who does that and how on earth can they walk away from it?

    Now I’m just giggling that this comment is longer than your entire post! ROFL


  3. Blonde Mom says:


    As you know, you are not only in the PFN, but you are in the BGPN (big gold panties network.) 😉

  4. Blonde Mom says:

    Ya’ll are cracking me up. Seriously, though, I think it’s the same person who stinks up the ladies room. And we must be on the same elimination schedule. Ahem.

  5. Filtering Life says:

    FAntastic! That is soooooo true. Usually I raise one of my nostrils and flare it out in my most disgusted face and say, “Wasn’t me, but somebody feels better now!”

  6. Nancy says:

    This is why at work, if I walk in and it’s already smelly, I run back out to use another restroom. (Fortunately I have that luxury — sometimes there isn’t an alternate choice or I really Have To Go!!!)

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