Early Mother’s Day Present

I’m in love with our shiny new neighborhood Publix. Not only am I always asked, with heartfelt sincerity, if I need help out with my groceries, but all the employees are friendly, unlike Kroger where everyone seems to be about 10 minutes overdue for their smoke break.

Yesterday when I was checking out and secretly praying that Amelia would stay in the cart for just 30 more seconds, the clerk asked to see my ID for the six pack of Blue Moon beer I was buying. He looked at my birth date on the front of my driver’s license and said, “Well, I would never guess that. I really thought you were under 30.” (I’ll be 38 in August.)

And thus, my unabashed love for Publix was sealed. Forever.


  1. Amanda says:

    My mother was carded until about 43 years old. It was hilarious and it didn’t bother her, she just is very young looking. She would get student discounts and everything. I’m like hey now :

  2. Bluegrass Mama says:

    I was last carded just before I turned 40. A lifetime ago. Sigh.

    No Publix here, though we frequented one in Florida over spring break. To be honest, it was fine, but I prefer my local Kroger!

  3. Richie Ann says:

    We don’t have a store like that in Colorado. I keep wondering how it is pronounced…because when I say it…it’s sounds rather…um…hairy. Maybe it’s more like Publics???

  4. Nicole says:

    Richie Ann — yes, it’s Publics. Not Pubics, though my in-laws made that same mistake.

    Blue Moon is yummy.

    You are a hot mama. I speak with real live viewing experience.

    I went to Publix today. Know what else they have? Lots of samples around at dinner time, with which I can feed my hunger just-picked-up-from-preschool daughter so that she does not become a beastie.

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