Workplace Bonding at its Finest

Yesterday was our annual company summer outing.

We had it a little early this year as my company is doing a lot of stuff this year. How’s that for vague? I have a rule about not blogging about work, even though I know one of my co-workers comments occasionally, but this is pretty harmless. I think.

We headed to a local park for a cookout. An afternoon softball game was scheduled and we had two croquet games set up for those of us weaker in constitution. That would be me! I love me some croquet in 80-plus degree weather! Especially since we were much, much closer to the coolers of bottled water and the beloved shade. At one point I just quit drinking water, dehydration and urinary tract infection be damned, because I was told to avoid the public restroom at all costs. I seriously considered heading to the woods and peeing behind a tree, but I decided that wouldn’t be a good move considering my boss as well as the president and CEO of our company were both present. But seriously, I would rather commune with Mother Nature’s porta potty than a nasty public park restroom with no soap and toilet paper.

Before the afternoon softball and croquet games kicked off we had a few relay type races. The second race was a potato relay race. We had to put a potato between our legs and run, walk, hobble, or jump as best we could to an appointed marker and then head back to the next person where we would hand off the potato. Immediately into the race we all figured out it was a much faster strategy to place the potato inbetween our upper things, pretty close to our crotches, and squeeze it while we hobbled the relay as best we could…none of this wimpy between the knee stuff.

I’m just glad I was off today because I’m sure there were a lot of hot potato jokes circulating around the office.


  1. Richie Ann says:

    Sounds much more enjoyable than our company parties. I think most of us would just rather skip them than be forced to dine together.

  2. Erin says:

    it sounds like an episode of the office. all you need is a socially awkward boss who sings karoke and responds to everything with “that’s what she said”.

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