I Knew I Shouldn’t Have Thrown Out My 80s Hair Scrunchies

Being a mama to two little girls means I have ample opportunities to showcase my hair fixing ability. Here in the South, colorful bows made from crisp grosgrain ribbon are popular, but I’m lucky if I can get Amelia to sit still long enough for me to wrangle a couple of dollar store elastic pony tail holders into her hair. Heck I’m lucky if she sits still long enough for me to wash her hair.

So it’s been hard not to notice lately that when I pick the girls up from daycare that Amelia’s thick curly hair is “done”…as in fixed, brushed, coiffed, smoothed, unratsnested, detangled, unsnarled, purty and sometimes even adorned with a tiny plastic barrette that coordinates with her outfit. Even Caitlin came home sporting a new French braid last week that her teacher had whipped up that afternoon on the playground. Oh, the shame.

I feel like the mother of the year when I realize Amelia looks much more presentable and much less like the bed head child that I dropped off just that morning. Not to mention that sometimes I forget to wipe the breakfast crumbs from the corner of her mouth before buckling her in her car seat. There was also that one time I forgot to make sure Caitlin put on clean underwear underneath her sundress and she ended up going commando to daycare, without my knowledge. OK, so I am a little distracted in the mornings.

One day at pick up not long ago I once again noticed that Amelia’s hair was pulled back in a neat pony tail. I told her teacher, somewhat apologetically, that Amelia usually refused to sit still long enough for me to pull up her hair when we are getting ready for the day.

“Oh, she LOVES for us to fix her hair,” her teacher told me. “And sometimes she’ll stand in front of the mirror in our room and play with her hair and say, ‘Beautiful, beautiful.'”

Lest she get too prissy about her hair, it might be time to drag out that tried and true hair accessory that worked so well on big sister Caitlin when she was two.

The training pant do rag!



  1. Linda says:

    I think daycare providers in this town must have a thing for hair… J.J. has been coming home with a curly faux-hawk lately!

  2. Bluegrass Mama says:

    LOL at the picture. I’m not very good with hair, and to complicate matters mine is curly and my daughter’s is straight so I wouldn’t be sure where to start. Oh, and she’s never liked having it brushed, either.

  3. Ivy says:

    LMAO, I’m with Linda, I think it’s a preschool thing, Megs always came home with her hair “did” on the days she went to preschool. I always felt like such a crappy mom, though!

  4. Colleen says:

    Delaney almost never lets me mess with her hair and if she does, she pulls the rubber bands out immediately anyway. I wish she wouldn’t. The tiny pigtails look so cute!

  5. mayberry says:

    Me three (four?) on the daycare as beauty salon. When my girl was two she would always come home with these elaborate ‘dos, while of course at home–FORGET IT.

    She never did wear any undies on her head though!

  6. Mari says:

    Wow, that is a parallel universe moment. Maddie just got her first french braid at daycare last week! It’s not just in the South…daycare ladies must have a thing for hair styling!

  7. Anne says:

    My MIL is the genius who can get the girls still enough for pigtails and bows and beautiful nick-nacs wheras my sister can get them through a beautiful french braid. Me? It is a tumble just to BRUSH the tangles out.

  8. Charla says:

    Totally LOL at commando Caitlin! I can only imagine how you felt!

    I made the mistake of bragging to a couple of friends about how Claire never pulled the bows out of her hair…she wore them all the time, and seemed to “love” them. Well, that’s the way it WAS until just before her 1st birthday. Now, she will wear a bow for about 20 minutes, then start to play with her hair and pull the darn thing out (and promptly suck on it). Me and my big mouth…or Claire and her wandering hands, I guess I should say!

  9. Filtering Life says:

    That is fantastic! There is nothing like taking these kind of pictures. I love the irony of her princess shirt with her “crown”. Awesome. Yeah, I got to say, I am a bit anal when it comes to hair and I make Chloe endure barrettes and headbands and the child hardly has hair. I haven’t ventured into grosgrain yet, but I am sure it is around the corner. HEy the daycare has their way of doing things and so do you, who is to say that one is more fashionable than the other. I guarantee yours will turn heads faster than theirs!

  10. Blonde Mom says:

    I also have a picture of her sticking her babydoll in that potty and one of her reading a book while on that potty.

    Now if I could only get Amelia to even acknowledge that potty!

  11. Erin says:

    very pretty french braid!
    I know this is why I want to have little boys- shave their heads military style and you’re done! (Oh but girls are so much cuter!!!)
    I remember when I was in kindergarten, my mom forgot it was picture day and let her stepsister do my hair- it was so full of aquanet. I had bangs up to heaven! (New Mexico, not quite the south but close…) My teacher was combing my hair down when I was standing in line to get photographed!!

  12. Flat Irons says:

    Beautiful pic! I agree that’s priceless… That’s the joy of having a baby girl. You get to doll them up and that kinda makes you remember the good old past when your mummy does the same to you, isn’t it? We’ve got 2 boys and don’t get to “play” as much as you do. Boys just want to get themselves dirty 🙂 As for chi flat irons, James, I do have some personal experience with it. It really straightens your hair very well and is kinda of a fashion item as well with its range of colours. No regrets with mine so far 🙂

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