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There’s a new web-based series inspired by real moms called In the Motherhood and a representative contacted me last week and asked me to help spread the word. Actress Leah Remini, busy mom to a 3-year-old daughter, has partnered with Suave, Sprint, and MindShare Entertainment for In the Motherhood, which will appear on MSN now through June as well as on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. I remember Leah’s hilarious VH-1 reality show about her pregnancy and feeling that she was a kindred spirit because she ate her way through her first pregnancy (sorry Leah…ha!)

Mothers will have the unique opportunity to write and collaborate with Hollywood screenwriters to create a series of web-based films starring Remini, best known for her role in the TV sitcom “The King of Queens.†Directed by Peter Lauer, whose directorial credits include “Malcolm in the Middleâ€, “Arrested Development†and “The Chapelle Show,†each webisode will profile the hectic, humorous lives of three mom girlfriends. The hubby and I were both disappointed when Arrested Development was cancelled and we love Dave Chapelle so I know Peter Lauer must be one funny dude.

Hollywood screenwriters will develop the story lines for the webisodes, inspired by moms who will tell their real-life stories by logging onto and sharing universal experiences all moms can relate to such as “your child’s worst public meltdown” and “how to put the ‘me’ back in mommy.” I can’t relate to either of those. Pffft.

Moms will vote and nominate the best entries online. Visit for the webisodes and other information. The first webisode airs on Ellen May 11.

p.s. I have several pending reviews in the pipeline and I’m going to kick off May with my first ever product giveaways in honor of Mother’s Day (but the giveaways are not all mom oriented). Stay tuned!


  1. Anne says:

    oh wow! That sounds excellent! I was late tothe arrested development scene but am catching up via the blessed re-reruns…wheras I luff the king of queens. Very cool.

  2. Charla says:

    I remember watching Leah’s VH1 pregnancy thing; she seemed so real.

    The webisode thing sounds like it could be quite funny, too(esp. with Ellen showing the first one!)

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