I Blog, Therefore I Must Think…I Think

This blog is a fun outlet for me. At work I nitpick, edit, write, and proofread documents intended for very starched shirt, button up type publications, so this girl just wants to have fun on her blog. I do not strive to address heady political or cultural debates. Nay, verily, I pretty much stick to safe topics such as poop, boobs, and funny things my girls do and say. So imagine my surprise earlier this week when I was nominated twice in one day for a Thinking Blogger Award! One from the lovely Liz at This Full House who is the busiest blogger I know (perhaps even busier than Busy Mom!), and who also has a heck of a lot of laundry and another one from the lovely Mrs. Schmitty, who just celebrated her birthday.

Thank you very much ladies!


I wanted to choose five bloggers who, as far as I know, have not yet received this award.

First of all, there’s Nicole, founder of a wonderful site called The Soccer Mom Vote. And yes I’m totally kissing your blog booty so that you’ll still keep in touch when you move to South Carolina, beotch.

Mrs. Flinger was one of my first blog crushes. Hers was the first so-called mommy blog I read that was really “real” with a unique writing voice. She reminds us all as parents to slow down and appreciate the moment in this post.

The sassy and smart R*Belle at Southern and Sublime always makes me feel at home. I hear she’ll be making sweet tea soon. This post, “Down the old dirt road,” reminded me of the town I grew up in. R*Belle also started News for Women on the Fly, a great news blog.
Pattie at Stolen Moments is another blogger I discovered when I first started blogging a year and a half ago. I enjoy her writing, especially this recent post, “Broken Girl.”

Julie at Mothergoosemouse is a thinking blogger to the core and although I know she’s not big on awards, I had to nominate her for her always thought provoking blog. Take this recent post, for instance.


  1. Pattie says:

    Aww…shucks, Jamie, thank you so much! You are so thoughtful…
    I did actually have this honor bestowed upon me from a few other bloggers, but I neglected to post the button on my sidebar. Shame on me!
    Anyway, thanks again. And Congrats to yours as well! It is well deserved 🙂

  2. Nicole says:

    Awww, THANKS! You are a deserving recipient! And thanks for nominating me. Not sure I deserve it, especially after a couple of drinks 😉

    You are welcome in our Charleston guest room, anytime.

  3. Liz says:

    Great choices, Jamie – um…by the way…I just wanna have fun, watching you have fun, on your blog – gotta run…our weather’s finally turned warm, the kids don’t have ANY of their summery clothes out of storage, yet and Mini-Me’s sick.

    Is it Friday, yet?

  4. Erin says:

    I just about nominated you myself- had I not stopped over here to copy and paste your url out of my own laziness, I would have already done so! You deserve it!!

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