I’ve Been Swabbed, Which Isn’t As Fun As It Sounds

I called my mother Tuesday while waiting in the prescription line at Walgreens to tell her I had just been diagnosed with strep throat and that Amelia had been diagnosed just a few hours earlier with an ear infection and most likely strep as well. Why the pediatrician did not swab her but advised me to get swabbed after he saw the rash on her tummy, I do not know. I think he was scared that my seemingly innocent, but packed with power, curly headed 2-year-old would kick him in the crotch if he attempted to swab her. This hopefully explains while Amelia acted possessed Monday at lunch out and flung chicken fingers on the floor after I apparently outraged her by cutting them. I am such an inconsiderate mother! Oh, 2-year-olds. They crack me up.

My mother was quick to advise, “Now you and the hubby don’t need to be kissing!”

My snoring like a beer-bellied trucker and drooling open mouthed on my pillow the past few nights has pretty put the kibosh on any kind of lurv making activities for a few days. The hubby slept on the recliner Tuesday night. He is feeling run down, I cannot imagine why, but so far seems to have avoided the strep bug. And my antibiotics have kicked in.

I attempted to work for four hours Tuesday at the office without falling face first on my desk. That’s pretty much when I decided to go to the doctor. That and the fact that I unashamedly wore a blinged out Mickey Mouse t-shirt and jeans to work because I just did not care what I looked like. I’m one of those people who avoids going to the doctor unless I’m really sick, because usually a double dose of Tylenol and a shot of nighttime cold medicine will cure everything. And also, being a girl raised in the South, I know that a telltale sign of truly being sick is no longer caring what you look like in public, especially at the very busy local grocery store where you are bound to run into someone you know the instant you walk through those automatic doors. Yes, I was that sick.

And Caitlin? She’s fine so far. She rarely gets sick. I attribute this to her being sick on an almost monthly basis after starting daycare when she was just three months old. Caitlin outgrew the daycare germs by the time she was two, so by my calculations Amelia shouldn’t have another cold or ear infection until she’s 19 or so. So all you daycare naysayers, be forewarned. Your kids will bring home every snot bug from kindergarten but my girls will have an immune system of steel by the time they turn 5. Mwaa haa haa haa.

p.s. Parents of kids with ear tubes, when did your child’s tubes fall out? Amelia had her tubes placed in last July and her right tube has already fallen out. The pediatrician told me that 12 months was the “average” time span. I’m hoping the left tube lasts at least 12 months. I mean, it wasn’t exactly a cheap procedure and I consider our health insurance as very good.


  1. Bluegrass Mama says:

    Thank heavens for antibiotics! You’ll be fixing yourself up again for the supermarket in no time!

    Oh, and my guess is that since Amelia was getting antibiotics for the ear infection, the ped figured there was no point to putting her through a throat swab, since the treatment would be the same.

  2. deb says:

    Every time my girls would get strep, so would I, and I can’t tell you how many times I’d wished that my parents had had my tonsils removed when I was a kid.

    I do have an old-timey remedy, though, that my mother still to this day reminds me to do. Gargle with warm salt water. Even my grown girls still do it when they get throat infections 🙂

    Hope you and the kiddos (and hubby, too!) feel better soon!

  3. mayberry says:

    My son got his tubes at the end of April last year. By mid March of this year one of them was out and fluid was building up in both ears again. He has another follow-up with the ENT tomorrow and we may be looking at placing tubes again.

  4. Charla says:

    I was going to say the same thing about A. already being on an antibiotic for her ears, so a throat culture wouldn’t have changed the treatment. Yucky yuck on spring time colds. I hate them almost as much as I hate summer colds! I hope you feel better soon, girlie!

  5. Mrs Mogul says:

    I had a friend who’s daughter (when she was one) had to get some sort of ear operation because she had so many ear aches. My kid never gets sick. I owe this to a mostly dairy free diet.

  6. Holly Schwendiman says:

    Nuts, glad to hear you’re doing better but sorry to hear of the bad health run. Those are the pits. We’ve been very fortunate this year but we’ve had those in the past where it seemed a constant battle to stay afloat and go one week without some new crud. Hope to hear you’re all ship shape soon!


  7. Anne says:

    I don’t know if it’s a southern thang…it wasn’t till we moved from Austin to up here that I actually started considering what I was wearing to the GD grocery store. 10 yrs ago. Day-am. Although, I was also 10 yrs younger. hm. with no kids. or stretch marks.

    Glad things are on the up and up for ya’ll!

  8. Traci says:

    We had one tube fall out right at 12 months and one is “dangling” (ICK). The ear infections have returned and we are staring down a second set of tubes. She was so much better with tubes that I am actually looking forward to it. Hope everyone feels better soon- we all have bronchitis at our house. It sucks.

  9. Nancy says:

    Hope you feel better soon.

    About the tubes — one of Mimi’s fell out within a year or so, and she did have to have new tubes reinserted since she was continuing to have ear infections. She had more heavy duty tubes inserted along with adenoid removal during the second surgery. I remember my doctor giving me stats on how many kids actually had to undergo the tube procedure twice — I think it was like 30%.

    The good news though is that the second set of tubes really stayed put as long as needed. Now that she’s 5 her ears have grown enough so that the tubes fell out, but she’s outgrown the infections.

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