Exorcism Via Motrin

We ushered in the wee hours Sunday with Amelia running a high fever and frustrated to tears with a runny nose that just wouldn’t quit and a coughing jag that led to her throwing up in the kitchen, mostly on the hubby, which both terrified her and woke up big sister. I think Amelia and I were both up at about 4:45 a.m. for the day. The hubby took Caitlin to Wal-Hell Sunday morning to pick up generic children’s Motrin and Dimetapp along with Gatorade and tissues as well as a boat load of food from Jim ‘n Nick’s. Their cheese muffins are dee-vine and I knew we’d need the extra nourishment good Sunday barbecue provides to survive another long-ass 24 hours of sickness.

One minute Amelia was feverish, lethargic, and completely zombied out on the couch watching Blue’s Clues, the next minute she was screaming her head off but wouldn’t let me rock her or touch her with a 10 foot pole (her pediatrician informed me at her 2-year physical that the tube had come out of her right ear and I would bet money on her having a horrific ear ache), and the next minute she was happily painting with water colors at the kitchen table and trying to drink the paint water concoction which she insisted on calling juice. Well it was purple.

And also? Caitlin has had intermittent diarrhea for two days. Today we all woke up under the weather and I took a sick day.

The dogs are having their share of ailments as well. Bailey has an abcessed molar and I am trying to remember to lace pepperonis and cheese with antibiotics for her twice a day. She’s getting knocked out on Wednesday for a doggie teeth cleaning. I guess nearly 10 years of table scraps will wreak havoc on a dog’s teeth. And also, she does not have a giant tumor on her side like I’d convinced myself in a fit of despair. It’s fat. Apparently she is retaining fat on just one side of her long doggy belly. That’s my girl!

Oh yes, Lady Luck was on our side this weekend.

It was also unseasonably cold and drizzly and dank and downright depressing outside all weekend, the kind of weather that has you wondering when you’re going to finally be able to complain about the fine Middle Tennessee humidity. The hubby worked Saturday morning and by the time he got home I had that “Here’s Johnny” psycho twinkle in my eyes and I was just dying to get out of the house. My dad watched Amelia while we took Caitlin to the YMCA for a kids’ health fair and to TCBY afterwards, because I might as well teach her now that the reward for going to the gym is frozen yogurt topped with Reese’s Pieces.

So do you ever wonder how in the world mothers survived just 100 years ago? How did they make it without extra soft lotion infused Kleenex and Motrin and running water and DVD players and hand sanitation gel and McDonald’s Happy Meals?

No doubt I would have failed Pioneer Mothering 101. I love my modern conveniences. And besides, calico doesn’t do a thing for me.


  1. Colleen says:

    I’m sorry ya’ll are sick and having a hard time. And I certainly don’t know how those mothers 100 years ago survived. I couldn’t do it without Motrin and Tylenol and Tivo and takeout. No way no how.

  2. Dawn K says:

    Ironically, I watched The Shining on Saturday but our day wasn’t quite as miserable. I’m sorry you are all sick and I hope you get better soon.

    You know, if you ignore the smelly tooth problem for a while the dogs teeth will just fall out. Just ask our Shitzhu. We didn’t know when it was happening. Who knew you had to brush their teeth? What’s next flossing and ear candleing?

    Take care.

  3. Bluegrass Mama says:

    Not to mention no Pampers or even washing machines for the cloth diapers! Hope everyone’s recovering as nicely as the weather has.

  4. Mrs. Schmitty says:

    Sorry you are all sick…I’m starting to feel blah today as well. Of course, I’m suppose to go away this weekend, NOW I’ll get sick! Feel better soon!

  5. Richie Ann says:

    At the same time, some of the best remedies for sick are 100 years old like wet wash cloths and warm baths. I am glad I don’t have to heat the water on a coal stove though. I was just thinking the other day….how long as that Vick’s Vapor rub been around? I think forever! Hope you all get better soon and enjoy some spring weather at the park.

  6. Mof2 says:

    Sorry to hear y’all have been sick. I would have never made it 100 years ago, without all the mordern day meds and vapo baths! Get better soon!!

  7. Jill says:

    oh gosh. God Bless you all. For the past three weeks, off and on, I had a spewing baby, colds, coughs and allergies from the pollen blizzard that coats everything here in Georgia this time of year. Hope y’all are on the mend soon.

  8. Renee says:

    Oh, that’s just bad, bad, bad. At least it wasn’t a beautiful weather weekend, where you felt like you were missing out on possible fun. Is that a bright side?

  9. Jamie (Blonde Mom) says:

    Thanks ya’ll.

    I’m taking Amelia to the doctor at 2 and myself at 3:20. It’s way too nice out now to be sick! Ugh! I’ve been taking OTC stuff, but I think she and I need antibiotics.

  10. Anne says:

    I wonder that all the time. ALL. The. TIME. Em has been battling a case of some funky yet heinous diarrhea for the past few days as well and I have no clue why or how she got this whatever it is. but ew. I hate hearing about your sick little ones and hope they overcome this quickly…especially for your own sanity! Hugs!

  11. Erin says:

    Oh my heaven’s sakes. I feel so much better about how cranky I was for just one ear infection! I hope the girls get better quickly! (yes, thank God for modern everything!!)

  12. Liza says:

    Oh, how did the moms 100 years ago survived? I have no idea (survival of the fittest I suppose :). I’m with you – I love my modern conveniences…

    I hope you are all feeling much better today. Will remember you in prayers.

  13. Mari says:

    Yeah, I am thinking mothering 100 years ago would bite the big one. Thank goodness it’s no longer survival of the fittest, or I’d be toast.

    More importantly, how did moms 100 years ago survive without Dr. Google? I’ll bet they were a tad more relaxed, though, not being able to link cancer to a slightly large pimple.

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