Women Are Fawning at His Feet Already

The first stop on our Easter road show was lunch at my mother’s house followed by dinner at the hubby’s parents. My sister-in-law brought our nephew Connor, who is just 3 and a half weeks old. My brother-in-law stayed home with our 2-year-old nephew who was not feeling well.

The girls were completely enamored with their sleeping boy wonder cousin. He was curled up in his infant car seat carrier on the floor, sleeping peacefully under a blanket and occasionally grunting and squishing up his face as he concentrated on pooping while sleeping, which is a talent that babies have. I mean really, when else in life can you enjoy uninterrupted slumber while pooping? Once you have to walk to the toilet and wipe your own bottom the responsibilities and realities just start to mount and the next thing you know you’ve got a mortgage and Sears is mailing you warranty reminders on all your major appliances.

Any way the girls gathered at his feet. They were completely enthralled with him, especially Caitlin who was not shy about shushing Amelia and placing her hand over Amelia’s hand while she whispered instructions. “Don’t wake him up! Just touch his blanket! Don’t touch his face!”

Amelia got up and disappeared for a minute into the kitchen. I assumed she had grown tired of big sister bossing her around, but she came back bearing gifts for baby Connor. She started tossing packs of candy on him from her Easter basket while he slept. Despite all this girly showering of affection, he continued to sleep. Despite being pelted with fun size packs of M&Ms and Starburst candy by Amelia, he continued to sleep. Oh to sleep that soundly.

I bet he was dreaming of two pretty little girls, a blonde and brunette, sitting at his feet, watching him lovingly and showering him with candy. No wonder he was sleeping so well, sweet boy.


  1. buffi says:

    That is my favorite quote, too! I’m wishing that you had video of your girls loving on that baby. I love when my kids go ga-ga over a baby. Bug is he absolute best, being not-that-far from babyhood himself.

  2. Erin says:

    that sounds so cute! I’m like your girls on this one- I am absolutely enamored with little babies. Fascinated. Until they start pooping etc.

  3. Holly Schwendiman says:

    Awww so precious! My 4 year old son announced out of the blue the other night that he wanted a baby sister. How do you tell the sweet thing mommy’s out of the pool, she’s dried off and not gonna jump back in of her own choice? He sure was cute though. By the way – congrats on your schedule success. Every little thing helps. 😉


  4. Jill-Connor's mom says:

    Aunt Jamie, I wonder how long it will be before the girls try to dress cousin Connor up in their play clothes and they all decide they don’t like each other anymore? I love it!

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