Easter Sunday, 2004, Caitlin at my mother’s farm (it’s hard to believe she was ever this little)

Happy Easter Ya’ll!

We’ve already had Starburst jelly beans for breakfast and now we’re moving our way through a one-pound bag of pastel M&Ms. I think I polished off the mini Musketeers last night.

God has blessed me with the ability to somehow have PMS during every major holiday. It’s a burden, but someone must eat all the rejected chocolate at our house.


  1. Library Mama says:

    Happy Easter to you and your whole family!

    If your house is anything like ours this morning, who needs real food? I’m sure I can find a website somewhere that declares candy an authentic food group on Easter Sunday!

  2. buffi says:

    You have rejected chocolate at your house?! I’m quite certain that most everything the Easter Bunny brought was gone before Sunday School.

    Quote of the day (after Mommy said that nobody was to eat chocolate with church clothes on):

    “Mommy? M&Ms aren’t chocolate, are they?”

  3. Mrs. Flinger says:

    Love the part about the PMS. And I love LUFF that photo. We’re moving on to “day after” easter M&M’s here. All hail no gestational diabetes!

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