Who’s Kidding? You’ll Want These for Yourself

Yes, it’s another review. Hey, it’s a holiday weekend and the blogging is going to be slowwwwwwww.

The hubby deserves a medal for taking Caitlin to her soccer game this morning. It is 32 degrees outside. Ugh! I think the Easter Bunny will be wearing Uggs and polartec tomorrow. And maybe some jumbo crocheted ear warmers.

Baby Dagny sent me a lovely girly hot pink Timboo Bamboo washcloth to review and yesterday it arrived in the mail in a sparkly purple envelope. This baby washcloth is soft as buttah, but just between you and me I’m probably going to use this myself. Plus, who’s kidding, am I going to buy a $25 set of baby washcloths, even if they are as soft as Egyptian cotton or cashmere? Probably not. But I’m one of those practical, boring by the book baby registry shoppers. However, if you are looking for a unique baby gift that screams, “I’m hip and cool and I want you to have only the best organic and pesticide-free” washcloths go for it! And all the bamboo products are on sale now until next Tuesday at Baby Dagny, just FYI. The baby bathrobe would make a great gift.

Any way, I think bamboo is the new cashmere. You mark my word!

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