Naked Jesus, Mr. God, and the Easter Bunny

Caitlin and I went to our neighbor’s church Easter musical Sunday night. I realized pretty quickly that Caitlin’s Bible story knowledge focuses on Noah, Moses, and the other usual Old Testament Bible characters and that we have not adequately covered the resurrection, which of course is a pretty big deal. Not to mention that Caitlin most readily associates Easter with the hip hop white guy with pink ears, and I don’t mean K-Fed.

The hubby stayed at home with our little Mexican jumping bean Amelia. I knew this was the right decision when Caitlin insisted on sitting right up in front at church and when I got home and the hubby told me I’d missed out on Amelia’s nuclear explode up-the-back diaper episode.

Caitlin was very well behaved during the entire musical, which went on for nearly and hour and a half, and I reminded her that even though this was a church “play,” we needed to be quiet.

But she whispered (her “quiet” voice can be quite loud) about 500 questions during the musical.

Some of my favorites are:

Who’s Hosanna?

Why is Jesus mad?

Why are they hurting Jesus?

Is Jesus dead?

Why is Jesus in that cave?

Does Jesus sit with the dead people in heaven?

And my favorite: Is Jesus naked?

Having an almost 5-year-old intently converse with me about the meaning of life and death, not to mention her reasoning that people must wear capes in order to fly up to heaven, is pretty darn cool. That and the fact that she refers to God as Mr. God.

It reminds me of this Bible verse: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

That’s right. Do not hinder them. Even if they ask if Jesus is naked…in church.


  1. mamatulip says:

    “And I don’t mean K-Fed.”

    Jamie, I LOVE YOU. Seriously. I wish you were closer. I think our families would get along PERFECTLY.

  2. mayberry says:

    I took Jo to church last year on Palm Sunday and got quite a few of those questions too. We ended up discussing how since Heaven is such a wonderful place, there must be snow-cones there. Of course!

  3. Library Mama says:

    When my #1 son was about Caitlin’s age, our minister had white hair and a white beard and mustache.

    Through an off-handed comment he made one day, I found out that #1 thought he was God’s brother. That’s why he was always at God’s house.

  4. malia says:

    You know, I’ve always suspected that the crucifiction pictures only have Jesus “covered up” for Christian modesty purposes. I’m willing to bet that people were crucified buck naked because that would add humiliation to torture and execution. Plus, it’s kind of disturbing to imagine the Savior of the world dying on cross much less dying naked on a cross. So I say, yes he was naked and yes, it’s fine to ask that in church!

    And I too, laughed out loud at the K-Fed comment πŸ˜€

  5. Amanda says:

    Sounds like good Mommy and Big Girl Time. “Naked Jesus” makes me laugh.

    Explaining God to Young kids is easier than 9th graders. I;ve done both and toddlers handsdown are the best.

    Happy Easter!!!!

  6. Nicole says:

    OMG, she’s hilarious. Do make sure to tell her that it’s also Ms. God. (Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty)

  7. Liza says:

    Hmmm..I remember that as I child I also used to wonder why Jesus is dressed with a sarong like skirt…yeah, almost naked…. πŸ™‚


    They said to him, “Do you hear what these children are saying?” Jesus replied, “Yes, I do. Have you never read, ‘From the mouths of little children and infants, you have created praise’?” – Matthew 21:16 (God’s Word version)

    β€œFrom the mouths of little children and infants, you have built a fortress against your opponents to silence the enemy and the avenger.” – Psalm 8:2(God’s Word version)

  8. Liza says:

    Here’s another one out of the mouth of babes story:

    A visiting minister during the offertory prayer:

    “Dear Lord,” he began with arms extended and a rapturous look on his upturned face,”without you we are but dust…”

    He would have continued, but at that moment one very obedient little girl (who was listening carefully for a change!) leaned over to her mother and asked quite audibly in her shrill little girl voice,”Mommy, WHAT
    is butt dust?”

    Church was pretty much over at that point..

  9. Dawn K says:

    Love it. I am looking to forward to Harper’s unique perspective on such things. Right now he laughs hysterically when I meow at him. A vision of things to come.

    Let’s have lunch soon.

  10. Richie Ann says:

    They all seem like logical questions to me. I mean, Jesus is nearly naked most of the time. And why does that bunny bring eggs? He should bring carrots or something.

  11. Kelly says:

    That is pretty fantastic stuff. It amazes me what kids actually think about. I love the Jesus being naked thing because, now that I think of it, that is a very valid concern. The Mr. God thing is hilarious.

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