The Real Deal

Nancy at Mom, Ma’am, Me, tagged me last week for a great “Real Moms” meme started by Kristen at Motherhood Uncensored and The Mom Trap.

Because I’m verbose and can’t limit it to one thing, I’ve got a few to share.

Real moms use skin care products that claim to energize, rejuvenate, relax, and protect. No wonder my skin is so damn confused!

Real moms sometimes take their kids to daycare doctored with Ibuprofen.

Real moms put their kids to work in the kitchen.

Real moms will do anything to prolong the almighty nap.

Real moms let their kids entertain themselves.

Real moms get pooped on, cried on, peed on, and jumped on.

Real moms can’t imagine life before motherhood. But real moms sometimes miss life before motherhood.

Real moms laugh, cry, stress, worry, and love.

But real moms also get kissed, hugged, and adored a thousand fold. So as far as trade offs, it ain’t a bad deal.

Here’s to moms everywhere, keepin’ it real. Yo.

I’m tagging some fellow Tennessee mamas…Busy Mom, Ginger, Emily, Nicole, and Malia.

Edited to add: Real moms try to get ready for work and blog and realize their 2-year-old has escaped out the dog door and is in the back yard wearing nothing but a diaper.


  1. Nancy says:

    I love it — all very true (except I haven’t had the experience of having one of my girls escape via the doggie door!)

    The picture of the two girls at the sink is priceless.

    Thanks for playing!!

  2. Blonde Mom says:

    I know it…the pathetic thing is I had to run back to my laptop and add that.

    She’s been quite a pill in the mornings (only wanting the hubby to get her dressed, not wanting to get dressed in the first place, etc.)

  3. Dawn K says:

    You forgot puked on and snotted on…two I experienced in just the last few days. What is really bad is when Billy says, “Honey do you realize you have puke on your shirt”, and it’s not mine! I have missed reading…maybe I can get back into now that things are supposed to calm down.

  4. R*belle says:

    I love this post! Love it! You can have an R*belle’s favorite post award. The first one. Maybe the last, who knows? 😉

  5. Charla says:

    Love it…and it is SO TRUE!

    And that last picture? Could have totally been of me Saturday morning digging through the back of my closet looking for a lost flip-flop from last summer. Well, except the diaper thing. I usually pass on those.

  6. Kris says:

    I love this, great pictures! I have a cabinet full of VCR tapes below my computer and when I need to buy a few minutes, I open it and let Ava have at it. She destroys it for 15 minutes or more, and I clean it up in about 5. Works great! Really, that tip should be in parenting books.

  7. bon says:

    laughing! it’s so great when the kids help us with our posts, huh? such accommodating little creatures, providing the perfect closure to a theme.

    hope the bediapered one has been safely wrangled. 🙂

  8. Busy Mom says:

    I’m not ignoring you, this pesky day job and sick kids who want to be, you know, “taken care of”, get in the way.

  9. Cyndee says:

    I just found your site through Liza. This was sooo funny and you had pictures to match. I look forward to reading more of you – I added your site to my blog.

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