Me Love You Long Time (Well, 20 Minutes If You’re Lucky)

Is down time with your spouse AC (After Children) as anticlimactic for you as it is for us? Not long ago we sent Caitlin to stay with my mother and my in-laws for the weekend. We had plans to see our bi-annual movie at an actual theatre with popcorn buckets and 32-ounce soft drinks while the manny (my dad) babysat Amelia, but he came down with a cold and our hot “date” of the weekend turned into escorting a 23-month-old to a crowded neighborhood restaurant heavy on the sports TV and baskets of fries. Amelia thoroughly enjoyed having mama and daddy to herself without big sister infringing on her time and I was proud of her for being a trooper since we didn’t get to the restaurant until nearly 7:30.

Whenever we have a lofty idea such as a romantic weekend together at home sans one child (well, as romantic as a couple can be with a 23-month-old who, thankfully, goes to bed at 8 most nights), we often end up lighting the fire, drinking wine, and falling asleep fully clothed on the couch.

Give us a weekend at home with just one kiddo and we’re like two college kids home for holiday break who want nothing more than to curl up on the couch under a quilt and sleep for 48 hours. Seriously, who knew that going from a two kid to a one kid household could be such a break?

As much as I love and adore my children I realize that some day they are (hopefully) heading to college and moving out on their own (ditto, hopefully) and the hubby and I will be like the blissed out retired couple holding hands and sitting in outdoor bathtubs in that “medical condition” commercial. Seriously, whatever it is they’re soaking in, make mine a double.

It’s time for the hubby and I to finally spend a couple of nights away from BOTH girls and our house, our dogs, our phone, and our coma inducing couch. Perhaps a practice run is needed before our weekend anniversary trip. We may spontaneously combust…not from passion, but from sheer, unbridled relaxation.


  1. RichieAnn says:

    I am so jealous. I fantasize about checking into a local hotel and sleeping. You should order room service and just stay in bed as long as possible. Wait…that’s how my first child came along….better be careful!

  2. linda says:

    Our first weekend evening without J.J. (a bonus because my husband usually works weekend evenings) was pathetic. We decided to take a nap before deciding where to go for dinner and then out for drinks and ended up waking up at 9:30. After a quick run to pick up fast food, we were back asleep within the hour. We’re just crazy that way.

  3. Oh, The Joys says:

    We’re getting a hotel room in a few weeks when my mom is here and have already said that all we want to do is watch cable movies, eat in bed and sleep!!

  4. Anne says:

    oh you lucky lucky BEYOTZ! my weekend getaway from the kids will be in…oh 18 yrs or so.


  5. Colleen says:

    When my husband and I took our first overnight together away from Delaney to celebrate my birthday back in January, it was great. But it was way too short. One night was barely enough to relax let alone have an awesome time. I will give you a tip, though: have the sex before doing anything else. That way if you fall asleep, you’ve still made sure to fit in that special booty time that means so much to the guys and you can snooze guilt-free.

  6. Salvina says:

    Hi! I know what you mean…when we plan to have the weeknd just for the 2 of us…we get all excited, chocolates, champagne & hotel room (& naughty looks!!). But when the time comes, all we wanna do is take a long bath, cuddle up & watch a movie…an anti-climax, but we so do need the (uninterrupted) rest! Have a great weekend if you do get away!!;-)

  7. Jennifer says:

    I cannot wait until Emily is old enough to be away from me. She is such a mommas girl right now. *sigh*

    We have had a few nights out, just the two of us. The trick for us is to not go to a movie or to “do stuff”, but to go to a quiet restaurant, slow down and just be with one another.

  8. malia says:

    I realize all the time how spoiled my husband and I are to have babysitters on hand for such occassions. It’s not uncommon for us to the leave the kiddos overnight at the grandparents house (even TWO nights sometimes!) My sister can stay at our house with them when needed. Sometimes we do a whole lot of uninterrupted sleeping other times it’s a bit more, shall we say, fun!

    This is a VERY important part of our marriage. We had a really, really bad period in our marriage several years ago (pretty much after Sweetpea was born) and it made us so protective of our relationship. We just can’t go back to that place so we make time together a priority. We also want to be sure that when they are grown and gone that we still like each other!

    But that’s just us. I’m certainly not saying that every couple with kids must do what we do, it’s all about finding what works for you (plural). 🙂

  9. Liza says:

    Watch out, you might produce a third one! – LOL!

    I breezed through your posts so I didn’t really read all – I’ll come back later…

    By the way…that line “love you long time” is a favorite “funny line” between hubby and I 🙂 – that’s from that movie…right?

  10. mamatulip says:

    A few weekends ago my MIL took Julia overnight and we just had Oliver here. Dave and I kept shooting each other the “what the hell were we thinking having another one; one is a breeze” look at each other.

    And yeah, when we have the night to ourselves (which is RARE), we’re usually passed out on the couch in our clothes by about 9pm.

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