Pretty in Pink


Looking at this picture makes me forget it’s Monday and that I stayed up too late watching the Oscars.

See how mischevious they are? Amelia has a piece of chocolate in her hand and about five seconds before I took this picture they were bickering because she was rummaging through Caitlin’s Valentine’s stash. Here they a little over one year ago in Caitlin’s room, in almost exactly the same spot. Don’t get me started on how much older they look. I went to bed Saturday night bleary eyed, red faced, and completely congested after crying through most of Forrest Gump on television so you can only imagine what looking through pictures of the girls and realizing how fast they are growing up does to me. It ain’t pretty.

Yesterday we purchased the girliest pair of soccer shoes on the planet for Caitlin. You’ll notice I said “we.” The hubby went with us to the mall as I can no longer handle the trauma of taking the girls shoe shopping since Amelia is now at that “streak wildly through the store and laugh maniacally” stage. The beloved soccer shoes are white and pink. They seem completely impractical as they will get filthy in the muck and mud (although they are coated in some sort of impenetrable space man sheen protectant so they may surprise us), but then she only has eight spring games and they were just $19.99. Someone in marketing at Adidas has the pre-K girls’ market pegged.


  1. RichieAnn says:

    They are growing fast. The little one looks like she could barely hold herself up last year and now she knows how to steal chocolate from her big sister! They might be growing fast but life is short…enjoy every second of it sistah!

  2. Liza says:

    Regarding Oscars..we cheated…just waited on CNN for their every minute update so we didn’t have to stay up late 🙂 – I did stay up late reading blogs though (sigh)

    OK, I won’t mention that the pictures does show how time flies so fast (wink)! They are so pretty and adorable!

    Hubby went shoe shopping with you? Wow, that’s love right there 🙂

    Where the photo of that cute soccer shoes?

    Have a nice Monday!

  3. Charla says:

    Sweet…You should print this and show it to them the next time they are at each other’s throats over who took Polly Pocket’s prom dress (or Cinderella or My Little Pony…I see those are pretty popular in the picture).
    I’m not prepared for the growing up, time flying stuff but I know it will hit me like a ton of bricks when this baby comes in June.

  4. Bluegrass Mama says:

    What a pair of cuties! LOL at the pink and white cleats. Emily would probably like hot pink ones for field hockey, but has to make do with black.

  5. malia says:

    Ooooh! Are the soccer shoes cleats and where did you get them?? Sweetpea starts soccer in a couple of weeks and she would love, love, love girly soccer cleats!

  6. Blonde Mom says:

    We got them at Hibbett Sports at Bellevue Mall just in case anyone else is in the market for white and pink soccer shoes.

    Also…they survived the first practice of the season yesterday evening! 🙂

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