Oh Britney Britney

Britney Spears did a pop-in rehab visit, shaved her head and then showed up at a Los Angeles area tattoo parlor last night to get inked.

To quote Jim Morrison,

Are you a lucky little lady in the city of light
Or just another lost angel…city of night

Rehab, shaved head, fresh tattoo all in one day. Girlfriend knows how to stir up the tabloid pot.

Speaking of girlfriends, I think it’s time for a serious intervention of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood variety. Or perhaps Brit is laughing her ass off at all of us and is just doing some research for an Oscar shoe-in movie role. Or maybe she’s finding her niche in the whole hipster parent genre.

What do you think about Brit’s behavior? She has gone through a divorce and had back to back babies within a year which is a tremendous amount of stress for anyone, famous or not. Maybe she’s just having fun and trying to shake off the bad karma of the past year. My mom went the wholesome born again Christian, organic gardening, raising chickens route after she and my dad divorced when I was 7. I don’t think my little hometown could handle any bald, tattooed women any way.


  1. mamatulip says:

    I was waiting for you to comment on the Britney fiasco. šŸ˜‰

    I think a lot of what Britney’s doing is for publicity. You can’t tell me she couldn’t have shaved her own head at home, and you also can’t tell me that she couldn’t have a tattoo artist come to her house to tattoo lip prints on her wrists. And you can’t tell me that she didn’t know a salon re-opening after hours at her request and her going to a local tattoo shop *wouldn’t* have the press out in hoards.

    Frankly, I think she looks good with a shaved head. I’ve always kind of liked the look of a shaved head on a woman, and I had a shaved head for a long time when I was a teenager. I don’t think that her shaving her head is a sign that she’s going insane or a sign that she’s hit “rock bottom”, which is what I’ve been reading on celeb gossip sites this morning (I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a total celebrity gossip whore, LOL). I think a woman can have a shaved head and tattoos and still be a good mother. The two are separate, outward appearances and mothering.

    I do think that Britney needs to get her shit together, though. They say all publicity is good publicity, but in this case, after the press she’s been getting, I’m not sure if her career can withstand this.

  2. mamatulip says:

    I mean *would* have the press out in hoards. I’m totally distracted by my screaming son. *sigh*

  3. Blonde Mom says:

    Mama T:

    You’re right…she could have done all this at home but she chose to go out at night and draw the publicity to her like moths to a flame.

    I have to say that she still looks beautiful, bald head and all. And you’re absolutely correct that outward appearances and mothering are two totally different things.

    Obviously Britney is wanting attention and she knew this would create a huge media blitz. And hopefully, for the sake of her two little boys, she’s really “ok.” I think if I were her I’d head back home to Louisiana and take a little break for a while just to avoid burnout.

    Oh, and I wasn’t going to blog this weekend but when I saw the headlines I couldn’t RESIST! šŸ˜‰

  4. Liza says:

    “I think if I were her Iā€™d head back home to Louisiana and take a little break for a while just to avoid burnout.”

    I agree, I think that’s what Britney should do. She should take some lessons from Julia Roberts šŸ™‚

  5. mamatulip says:

    LOL — as soon as I saw the headlines this morning I was hoping you’d blog about it. šŸ˜‰

  6. Erin says:

    I couldn’t resist this topic either!!!

    famous people are allowed to have mental health issues and when I go through major life changes, I’ve been known to react by abusing my hair. But it’s kind of annoying that she has the money to flip out like this. she needs a nanny to keep her out of trouble. She does look good- I agree- but I don’t think she’s doing it for fashion reasons and I kind of hope that she just goes home and is a little reclusive for awhile while she gets her life together. I feel bad because this is so going to be used against her in custody hearings and divorce sucks as it is.
    interesting how Cristina Aguilera is on a wholenotherlevel in comparison….

  7. kelli says:

    The first thing I thought was, she could have done this home. Maybe she donated it to locks of love or something. I hope she’s okay too. For the sake of her kids.

  8. Sarah says:

    I was thinking the same thing, I hope that she donated it to Locks of Love. But I doubt it.

    I don’t know if shaving her head, or getting a tattoo, is really that big of a deal. But only staying in rehab for a day is! It shows that she is not ready to rein in her drug/alcohol addictions. I hope that she gets the help she needs for her children’s sake.

  9. anna says:

    I think an intervention is exactly what is required here. The poor girl is imploding in front of our eyes. If I were here Mom, I would want more than anything in the world for people to stop writing about her, stop reading about her, stop looking at pictures of her. The media in this case, including the blogosphere, reminds me of people in a bar laughingly buying shot after shot for an alcoholic.

  10. Mrs. M says:

    I think she’s trying to steal the thunder from Anna Nicole. And I think it’s BS if she will lose her kids. If DCS takes them it must be for publictity and a good news story because I’m here to tell you that children can be in damning situations but if they have food and a bed DCS will let them stay with their evil awful parents. Personal experience of wanting to get custody of my brother for more than a year!

    And if someone does take her children…i’m so calling them, maybe they can help me.

  11. RichieAnn says:

    I sure hope it’s not the back-to-back babies as I have another on the way (1 1/2 apart) and I don’t want to be bald!

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