If I Don’t Surface for My 1:30 Hair Appointment, You Know I’ve Been Kidnapped by Happy Meal Toys


I met my mom at 10:30 this morning and Caitlin is now enjoying lunch out with Grandma at O’Charley’s. Amelia is at daycare and I’m doing a bit of housework. It looks like a dog hair smart bomb went off in our house. Wish me luck!

Soccer starts with practice February 27, so this is a good opportunity for Caitlin to get some extra grandparently attention and give us a bit of a break with just one child for the weekend. It’s amazing to me how much easier it is with one child.

Because I’m some sort of mommy masochist I took both girls to Toys R Us at 5 yesterday, primo meltdown time. Caitlin had saved $7 and wanted to buy a Barbie. We went to TJ Maxx first (a selfish destination on my part as I love TJ Maxx), because I’d seen quite a few Barbie items there a few weeks ago, but there wasn’t much of a selection. She then changed her mind, as most women do when carrying a fistful of crisp bills into a store, and settled on a pale yellow My Little Pony at Toys R Us. All was fairly calm, despite Amelia wanting to toss every stuffed animal on to the floor, but then we went by the shoe area and all hell broke loose over a search for maribou blinged out purple slippers. What is it with me, the girls, and being around dozens of boxes of brand spankin’ new shoes?


  1. Charla says:

    Yesterday must have been the day for meltdowns…Chase had a huge one at dinner last night that drove all of us crazy.

    Hope your kid-free day was fantastic!

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