See if you can guess correctly who said what today at Casa Blonde Mom Blog.

Awww Bailey, it’s OK. You’re gonna die but I’ll still be your friend. (Bailey is our 9-year-old dog.)

Let’s have a taco bessert (dessert) party!

Can we drug her so she’ll go to bed at 8 tonight? I’ve got a lot of work to do.

People are naked! I saw someone’s underwear! (Quipped while watching the new Chevy HHR commercial.)

Also, would whoever has mama’s set of keys return them or tell me where you hid them? (I’m looking at you Amelia Grace.) My keys have been gone for two days. It was kind of amusing yesterday morning as I used it as an excuse to go into work late, but now it’s getting old.

Speaking of work, I have a standing marketing meeting on Mondays. It’s just us girls and typically after the official meeting wraps up, we indulge in a bit of gossip. Monday’s conversation revolved around popular brands of jeans and how most everyone had searched high and low for these particular brands of jeans….brands of jeans I have only heard of because I flip through the free copies of InStyle magazine at the hair salon while my highlights cure. Suddenly I felt like the proverbial married lady with kids at the table who wears Dockers and sweater sets and I bit my tongue to prevent myself from saying, “Some day you won’t spend hours finding the perfect pair of jeans, but you will spend hours trying to squeeze back into that perfect pair of jeans and then once you do you will wear those suckers until the zipper breaks off.”


  1. Amy says:

    crawl around on her level to find the keys. That’s how I found mine years ago when Aaron put them in the whole in the back of the sterio speakers… Mine were gone for 2 weeks!

  2. Charla says:

    My BFFIRL hubby had lost his cell phone…his sole business line (self employed, blah blah blah). He finally found it 2 days ago when he bent down to pick up a hanger that was half under the washing machine. Their 3 y.o. had hid it from him under there.

    And SO FUNNY about the jeans! I kindof wish you had said it! lol

  3. mayberry says:

    I would just like to know what a taco dessert is!

    My son’s best hiding place was a china pitcher in the guest room. In case you have one of those that might be harboring your keys. Good luck.

  4. Shauna says:

    I lost my keys twice Wednesday. One in the dentist’s exam room (fell out of my coat pocket) and once at the ice cream place (left on top of the car(!))

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