Planning Ahead

My maternal grandmother passed away seven years ago this month. She did not have a will and, unfortunately, it caused some avoidable family turmoil. This would never have been her intent, but she was convinced she would outlive my step-grandfather. asked that I review their online service for creating a last will and testament as well as a living will, health and financial power of attorney. Opening an account took just a few minutes. The site was easy to navigate and you can preview your documents in PDF format before printing them. I was working on said very important documents while my girls were running around the house Friday and was able to draft a simple legal binding will, a living will, and health and financial power of attorney documents in a little over an hour. In other words, the site passed the “mama’s home with the kids and they are interrupting her every 30 seconds and refusing to be lulled into hypnotic submission by cartoons test.” While reviewing the information yesterday I had a question about my password and the list of family contacts. I e-mailed my contact at yesterday morning, and while I didn’t expect a response until normal business hours on Monday, they replied via e-mail immediately.

A one-year membership provides unlimited access to make changes to these vital documents. Personal letters and documentation detailing your wishes for funeral arrangements are also included in the package, which costs $19.95 (there is a discount for couples.)

While no one likes to think about death, this is a positive way to plan ahead and protect your loved ones. Now I shall close, as I’m resisting the urge to break out into singing “It’s My Life,” by Bon Jovi and somehow that seems wrong.

This is my first paid review through ReviewMe. I was a bit skeptical of signing up, as I have never received a payment for product reviews (other than the products themselves), but I thought this was a worthwhile service to review.


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