My Super Bowl Halftime Show

And now I give you talking toilets and floating, happy talking poop. Obviously the poop is oblivious to the fact that it’s about to get flushed. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.

So do you have a family potty pep song? We don’t, but we do a lot of sideline cheering.

Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan’s blog, via the hubby. Warning, there is sound, so if you are at work you might want to turn down the volume on your computer. My kids love this little Japanese toilet training video gem, too. Yes, we all gather around the computer monitor and laugh at potty humor.

p.s. What’s your favorite Super Bowl commercial so far? I loved the Budweiser muddy mutt in the parade spot and the Oprah/David Letterman commercial had us rolling.

And that halftime show with Prince was SMOKING. I don’t know if any of you are Prince fans, but I thought his halftime performance was incredible.


  1. Aurelia Williams says:

    I am cracking up at the talking poop!! 🙂 WOW, well I dont have a favorite commercial yet but I did catch Prince doing his thing on the stage.. WOW he is amazing!!

    Great blog

  2. MamaChristy says:

    OMG Prince was great. Kickin’ it all wet was da bomb! I have been to five Prince concerts and have never been disappointed. The hubby and I are trying to decide if we can leave my boy with my parents (they are older and two nights would be a lot for them with a busy little kid) for an overnight trip to see his Vegas show. It’s supposed to be SPECTACULAR.

  3. Charla says:

    I didn’t watch the ‘Bowl, but I did catch the entire half time show and LOVED it! I was at first surprised that he performed in the rain – but I guess a gig as huge as the SB will have you do things you would normally reject.
    (oh, and I can’t comment on the poop thingie because I’m at work *cough cough* and I can’t watch it)

  4. Blonde Mom says:


    I saw Prince live once about eight years ago and it was awesome. Last night made me want to dig out my Prince CDs. Did anyone ever see Purple Rain AND Under the Cherry Moon? Ahem. I need to research this Vegas show. Hmmmmmm.

    My other fave Super Bowl commercial was the awkward Snickers kiss between the two mechanics who had to prove their manliness by ripping their chest hair off.

  5. RichieAnn says:

    I liked the one with all the naked men washing the truck…and the dog one was pretty cute too.

  6. kelli says:

    I caught a glimpse of the half time show but was too busy making sure Gianna didn’t touch the pellet stove at my friends house! On another note. Love the potty video! We do a lot of cheering potty side. But to no avail!

  7. Mrs. M says:

    i heart prince! it could have aonly been better if he drove off the stage in a little red corvette while wearing a raspberry beret! 🙂

  8. Bluegrass Mama says:

    I’ve never been a Prince fan, but I actually enjoyed the half-time show. Turns out I don’t mind his music, I just can’t get past his look.

    My favorite commercial was the GM robot dream sequence, but the mouse one and a bunch of the Bud Light ones were good, too (I loved the ESL class).

  9. Erin says:

    I didn’t watch the superbowl but I did watch your potty youtube clip. I do know that I’ve watched toddlers for church who say “bye bye” when they go to flush…

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