SAHM I Am (Not)

So, I have a question for you moms who work outside the home (or work from home).

Do you ever have one of those days when you decide it would be fun to call in sick and keep your kids home for the day because one of them is a tad under the weather and then you are elated that your husband brings home McDonald’s for an early lunch because by 11 a.m. both kids have had a meltdown, you’ve somehow managed to freakishly cut the side of your bare foot on your 80-pound dog’s toenail, causing you to shout the worst of expletives in front of your children, and then after lunch, despite being 39 degrees out, you bundle your kids up so they can play outside and get their ya ya’s out and then your toddler plays a game of stop, drop and roll in dog shit before you realize what she’s doing?

And then by 5 o’clock you hate to admit it to yourself but you’re kind of looking forward to taking them to daycare the next day?

Yeah, me neither.

So it wasn’t all bad…we broke out the paints this morning. Check out this watercolor painting by Caitlin.


  1. Charla says:

    That sounds exactly like my summer breaks from school – well execpt the 39 degree weather an all…but yeah, exactly.

    I *loved* the “stop, drop and roll in dog shit.”
    Laugh out loud funny, girl!

  2. Blonde Mom says:

    Sweatpants Mom:

    HA ha ha! 🙂

    I feel the need to further explain the freak dog toenail, foot injury.

    I was barefoot and tripped over his paw and his nail (it might have been his dew claw) caught the side of my foot and got hung on it. It hurt. A lot.

    I think January is just not my month. I love being home with the girls, really I do, especially when I can just open the back door and they can play outside all day. But get all three of us in the house for an extended time and chaos is bound to ensue. Tempers flare and freak dog toenail accidents happen.

  3. Dawn K says:

    Okay, I think we live in parallel universes. I kept Harper home sick yesterday with the theory of “working from home” HAH! He had other ideas. While he didn’t role in dog poo nor did I cut my toe on the dog he was clingy, whiney, snotty, crabby and WOULD NOT SLEEP! This is so unusual for him therefore I am always at a loss when he gets out of sorts.

    I am truly a spoiled first time mom and glad to be back at work today. I am also very happy he is feeling better because he really is a sweetheart. I hope the girls are feeling better and your foot is healing nicely!


  4. RichieAnn says:

    Yeah, except then I feel guilty! Dog poop—another reason not to get a dog at this point in my life.

  5. kelli says:

    I’m sorry for your sucky day. Especially your foot getting hurt on the dogs toenail. I hate when freakish things like that happen. And the dog shit. I WAS laughing. But if it were me I wouldn’t be. There are many times when I step in it myself and curse my other half who never likes to pick it up! But the artwork is fabulous! You see, something beautiful did come out of this day after all.

  6. Mrs. Flinger says:

    That’s enough to make ME want to work away from home.

    Oh, yea, wait. I kinda do anyway.

    That’s enough to make me want a martini.

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