Farewell to a Belle’s Blog

One of my favorite bloggers and someone I consider a friend, although I have never met her in person, is hanging up her blogging hat.

One of the first blogs I discovered in the summer of 2005 and immediately identified with was R*Belle’s blog, Musings of a Former Jr. League Dropout (now called Southern and Sublime). I was drawn to the humorous title of the blog and the fun juxtaposition of the beauty queen holding a can of cheap beer that greeted you when you clicked on her blog. I knew the woman behind such a fun blog had to have a great sense of humor. Like me, she is a mom to two little ones and works outside the home. I could relate to so many of the things she wrote with such wit and sass that I really felt like I was sitting at a table with a girlfriend and talking over a glass of sweet tea or a margarita. In fact, one of the first times she commented on my blog she mentioned that, should our paths ever cross, we should meet up for margaritas.

R*Belle, your blog will be missed! And I still hope to join you for that margarita.


  1. R*belle says:

    Gosh I am starting to feel like I died! All of this attention is giving me a big head.

    Oh wait, was I supposed to like stop blogging or something? Well, now that I am temporarily homeless I’ll hang out in your comments some.

  2. Blonde Mom says:

    Pull up a chair and hang out! Make yourself comfortable. Want a drink?

    Temporarily homeless sounds promising, as if you might blog somewhere again some day. 😉

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