We Don’t Know Jack

Welcome to “Let’s Use the Word Jack In As Many Blog Post Titles As Possible Week!”

So last night we settle down to catch a bit of the Golden Globes on television. Caitlin was foraging for food because she didn’t like the beer battered tilapia the hubby made for dinner and Amelia was snug in her pajamas and cuddled up with the hubby in the recliner. I was sitting on the couch waiting for Meryl Streep to shut up and also remarking how great Reese Witherspoon looked when the camera panned the audience. The dogs were lounging at our feet. 24 was recording on the downstairs television thanks to Tivo. All was good and right with the world.



Oh hell no.



A transformer has blown, leaving our street and home dark, with only the dim light from my laptop in the kitchen faintly glowing.

The hubby and I simultaneously have the same thought, but refrain from vocalizing it in front of the girls:


No electricity means no Tivo which means no recording of last night’s 24.

We have the first 45 minutes or so recorded, but that’s it. What little information I have found on the Internet indicates it is not being rebroadcast any time soon. Our office manager thinks she has a taped copy.


This is sewious.

Uh…been watching the Wonder Pets too much.

UPDATE: Our office manager brought in a copy of Monday night’s show to work today…WOOT!




  1. Laugh out Loud says:

    Wow – that is not good! I would die if we missed Jack! Especially after how good it was on Sunday night. The hubby and I recorded it too and we have a nifty little gadget that will download it to a DVD. I could mail you a copy if you can’t find one locally. Email me if you want it….

  2. malia says:

    Hey, I want that beer battered tilapia recipe!! We made tilapia Sat. night, it turned out so-so.

    Reese would have looked better in a color other than canary yellow, it washed her out too much. Otherwise, I agree with your assessment!

    We’re of the 1% of Americans who don’t watch 24, so I have no comment there! If it had been a Grey’s episode that was being Tivo’d I could have helped you out!

  3. Blonde Mom says:


    If my office manager doesn’t have a copy (I’ll know tomorrow), I am definitely taking you up on your offer my friend!

  4. Blonde Mom says:

    p.s. Laugh Out Loud, thank you! It looks like either my office manager or Nicole (who lives so close I could almost walk to her house) have a copy.

    Thanks again!

    Our power came on, thankfully, shortly before 9 last night.

  5. Liz says:

    Been up the passed two nights (hubs is sick with stomach virus) but, can’t tell ya’ much about last night – would you believe I fell asleep…and missed it all!?!?

  6. kelli says:

    That sucks but it’s kinda funny because my brother was bitching about how his wife had Tivo’d something on both of their tivo machines and he missed 24! I missed it too. In fact I’ve never seen one episode. I guess I better indulge.

  7. Bluegrass Mama says:

    I feel your pain. I’ve never seen 24 (or pretty much any other series on TV today), but we lost power a year ago during a big football bowl game. Our team lost, so perhaps it was a mercy that I didnt’ have to watch the end.

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