Five on Friday

Angel at 1SmartMom tagged me to reveal five things you do not know about me. You may need to sit down while reading this as they are quite earth shattering.

I grew up in the country, eight miles from “town,” with a whole slew of beasts and birds, from abandoned dogs my mom took in to cows to chickens and geese and guinea hens that doubled as watch dogs. If you’ve never been chased by an irate goose, consider yourself lucky.

As a college junior I won a national writing award from the William Randolph Hearst Foundation for a sports article in my student newspaper about a rodeo coming to town.

I have naturally curly hair, but tend to straighten it alter it until it is fried, although I have started wearing it curly again because it means I can sometimes go two days without washing it in the winter.

I sat next to the Playgirl Man of the Year on a business flight from Nashville to Houston and still have the magazine he autographed.

I am extremely non-athletic (think the uncoordinated kid always chosen last for kickball and maliciously targeted as the weakest link in “Red Rover, Red Rover”) but played intramural volleyball one semester in college and actually kicked some volleyball booty.

I was picked up by a New York City police officer at La Guardia airport while on a business trip to do an interview for an article I wrote for the university I worked for at the time. (No, no I wasn’t arrested. He was giving me a ride to my hotel. Wait that sounds kind of bad, too.)

OK, OK that’s six. I like to talk. Still awake? You’re tagged if you’d like to participate!


  1. Linda says:

    I sat next to the Playgirl Man of the Year on a business flight from Nashville to Houston and still have the magazine he autographed.

    So did you just happen to have his issue with you, or did he travel with his own supply? 🙂

  2. Blonde Mom says:


    He had his own supply of Playgirls to autograph in his carry on bag. His ego nearly knocked me out of my seat! 😉

    I need to write about the entire thing. It was pretty darn funny.

  3. RichieAnn says:

    We just finished our meme’s and I was going to tag you too. If you’d like to do a more extensive version I’d love to read it!

  4. Liza says:

    Nice to read your 5 things and get to know you a bit. I actually tagged you about a month ago but I was too shy to notify you 🙂 – now with this blog, your also off the hook on my tag 🙂

  5. Angel says:

    I love reading these things. WoW! I would say you have listed some most interesting things. It is amazing at how kooky you can seem when you give facts with little explanation. I love thinking of things you haven’t thought of in years, and laughing at yourself.
    I lived in the country, so far out I had to go to my cousins house to watch cable. Didn’t have but 3 channels and alot of times had to play with the bunny ears to get them.( I guess that is my I had to walk to school barefoot in the snow story.) My kids would not know what to do with that. 🙂
    Thanks for playing. That was fun!

  6. Blonde Mom says:


    I can relate.

    The road I grew up on was actually gravel probably until I was in junior high.

    Cable TV? Girl? Whathutalkinabout? We had no pizza delivery, either.

    I was so excited when I got my driver’s license…FREEDOM!

  7. Blonde Mom says:

    Thanks Amanda!

    I have a journalism degree but I just don’t get to write much at all at my current job. I mostly do editing on business projects. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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