Moses is My Homeboy

Rasta Moses Doll!
Originally uploaded by blondemom.

The girls got an assortment of new dolls and stuffed animal friends to add to their menagerie. From Dr. Seuss’s star-bellied Sneetch to a Dora Knows Your Name doll, our family of toys has grown and the girls have already cooked dinner for their friends with their new play kitchen left by Santa.

My stepmother bought the girls a trio of talking Biblical character dolls and my inner 13-year-old boy sense of humor took over yesterday when I squeezed Moses’s belly and the first thing he quipped was “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” All I could think was that he would be the ideal gift for an 18-year-old going off to college. Just stash the talking Moses under their dorm mattress while they aren’t looking and it would be quite the conversation starter. Or effective birth control.

Psssst: If you click on Moses, you can see a few of our pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas day.


  1. Charla says:

    Merry Christmas (better late than never) Jamie! It sounds like lots of fun has been going on in your home since Santa came to town. I can’t wait to hear more about it!

  2. Aurelia Williams says:

    LOL at the thought of you sneaking that doll into a college freshmans’ dorm room!!

    What a cool looking doll!! Happy Holidays to you

  3. Bluegrass Mama says:

    What a hoot! Though I foresee said college students realizing that they’re not married, so it’s not adultery, just plain old fornication. 😉

  4. mrsmogul says:

    WOW biblical character dolls!! I don’t know how I would dress them? Would it be a sin to dress them in BARBIE clothes?

  5. R*belle says:

    HAHA! I think that divorce lawyers should hand those out as advertisements. Or wait, I guess that would HURT their business. Maybe wives that suspect their husbands of cheating should stick one under their mattress so that every time he gets in bed it reminds him!

  6. Nohell says:

    I thought Moses had oven mitts on his hands. Have you had to explain the meaning of adultery thanks to Moses warning?

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