My Manny’s Back

My retired dad, aka my own personal manny, has been in sunny Florida for over a week, but now he’s back and just in the nick of time. He’s entertaining Caitlin for the day and he’s already made a post office run for me. I believe lunch at O’Charleys and a matinee (maybe “Happy Feet?”) are on the agenda. Dude, I want to be four again!

Any way, here’s a little ditty, dedicated to my daddy. (Yes, in the south you can be 37 and still call your father “daddy.”)

My Manny’s Back (sung to “My Boyfriend’s Back”)

Papa went to the Redneck Riviera
And my baby girl got pneumonia
And, when I needed a Santa’s helper
He said he’d be right over

(Hit it…)

My manny’s back and he’s gonna run some errands
Hey la, hey la, my manny’s back

He goes by Papa and he’s tight with Santa
Hey la, hey la, my manny’s back

That’s all I can think of…this mama’s going to take a much needed nap while Amelia is asleep. Well, scratch the nap. She had a terrible coughing jag that woke her and now we are playing.


  1. Erin says:

    🙁 sorry that your little one is sick! but happy that you have your Dad around so that you can get some time for yourself! I love your little rhymes, very clever!! LOL!

  2. Pattie says:

    I think you have a career in the jingle writing business, my friend! 🙂

    I hope your little one is feeling better soon….

  3. mamatulip says:

    Poor little Amelia. Breaks my heart to hear she’s so sick.

    But…can you send your daddy my way? I could really use a Manny today…

  4. Liza says:

    Ohhh… I’m glad your Manny is back! (love the term Manny 🙂 🙂 😉 – and love the poem/lyrics!

    I hope Amelia is feeling much better…Enjoy your time while Manny is there 🙂

    Have you gotten the Gingerbreadhouse kit yet? 🙂


  5. Mrs. Flinger says:

    Too cute. I’m so glad your dad is great with Caitlin. LB just fell in love with her pappa today and I just don’t think a little girl and Grandpa can ever hang out enough .

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