No Sleep Til Christmas!

Both children sick? Check.

Out of town guest for the weekend? Check.

Packages to mail out of town? Check.

Presents to wrap? Check.

Christmas cards to address? Check.

Presents left to buy? Check.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

Thankfully I can shut my office door tomorrow and get some of my to do list knocked out. Call me a weirdo but I kind of enjoy the pre-Christmas rush, as long as I have an executable game plan.

Remind me that I said all this Friday when I am rushing around like crazy on my day off.

(Updated: I took Amelia to the pediatrician at 3:30 today and she has pneumonia. She is so sick. I just hope and pray this means we are all WELL for Christmas. I take her back in the morning and she starts on an antibiotic tonight. Things can only get better, right?)


  1. Renee says:

    I’ve come to find out that no matter how far in advance I plan for Christmas, I’m still doing things last minute.
    Case in point, Target run tomorrow.

  2. mamatulip says:

    Aw, Jamie. I’m so sorry about Amelia. You guys have had such a tough fall. I hope she’s feeling a thousand times better by Christmas and that nobody else gets it!!

  3. Anne says:

    ugh. Lily had pneumonia a few months ago but got over it relatively quickly with aid from antibiotics. Hope Amelia does the same! and I am with you on the Christmas Rush, especially once you complete everything and can settle back with a nice strong cosmo. sigh.

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